Thursday, January 27, 2011

Row, row, row, your boat... reverb 28

Well, I made Husband a happy boater.  I now have my Oregon Boating Card. 

Uh, will have my card, after I mail the certificate in.  If you have to take a boating course, please be aware, they say the test (this one) is about 3 hours. 

COWPOOP!  (Upgrade to proper swearing if you wish.)

I read quickly, the combined time for reading and testing the material over 2 days was closer to EIGHT HOURS!  But, I was able to get through it, slowly, agonizingly slowly, and passed with a pretty high grade, so I guess it works out.  But, gee holy cow crap, it was a bear to do!  I have had a MUCH easier time with FEMA classes, and those are meant to be intense! 

So.  I went out and enjoyed our sunshine, (although it's tempered with the concern that there is NO snow up in the mountains nearby, so I am hoping that we won't be paying for it this summer...  And I am yelling at the stupid tulips to go back to bed, it's January, why are they up three inches???), and asked Husband about renting a Havaheart trap.  He said one of his friends has one, and will check on borrowing it.  We then discussed a very rural, uninhabited area that we could put Mr. Raccoon, so he will hopefully not become someone else's problem. 

So, I am writing this short blog, and I think I am going to try and uncross my eyes for a bit...

Prompt: Achieve. What’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? How do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? Free? Happy? Complete? Blissful? Write that feeling down. Then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today.

Ok, folks, I am not doing this one tonight.  I am sorry, but as you read above, I have been working on passing a test online, and quite frankly, my dear...

Well, you know. 

I will try and hit it tomorrow.


  1. May I ask what a boating card is? I am being dead serious. It sounds like a license to use a boat, but really now - 8 HRS? So, I am thinking it has to be something else, like being a captain of a Carnival Cruise ship or a tug boat??? It couldn't possibly be for a bass boat or the like, right?

    I am hoping you catch Mr. Raccoon and get him moved, is there a game preserve around there?

    I think you'll do best to achieve a good night's sleep...........

  2. 28 posts into the year
    fatigue, boating exam, raccoons,
    what is there to fear?

    letters to make words are running short
    the blog post are getting smaller
    how do I get a boat safely into port?

    am I awake as this I write?
    or is this a dream of a famished mind?
    the comments can wait, I think I'll sleep this night!

  3. Yes, my dear, it is so that one can legally pilot a boat over 10 hp, in the state of Oregon. Part of it, you can't just take off and skip what you already know, you have to read everything, and they make sure by making EACH PAGE a wait time of 20 to 22 seconds. If there is one sentence, you wait. It slows things down a LOT. (Mom suggested that it must be for the USS Constitution. I am assuming it's only for when in Oregon waters, but what do I know? ;D


  4. hummmm.....I have to say I also wonder what a boating card is-we just put the boat in the lake and take off............ :)

  5. Should i be concerned that a state boating exam is harder than a FEMA course? Probably, and congratulations on passing.

    Yes, that question can wait until later. I'll look forward to your answer.

  6. Oh, good luck with capturing Mr. Raccoon. We tried. We used to think that the raccoons would watch us bait the trap, discussing what wonderful morsel we had left (canned cat food) and then one would hold the door up as the other retrieved the can. Every time we'd go down to check the trap it would be sprung - no raccoon. We even tried wiring one door shut and wiring the can of cat food at that end - still no raccoon :-(


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