Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wherin I realize I haven't been answering...

Scale day.  Sweating same, I pigged out on popcorn and soda at the movies, and wasn't sure if I was going to be paying for it.  I must have made enough other 'good' choices for the week, however, because I am down .4 of a pound.  Husband was pleased, but he did tease me a bit, I had my hair cut, (about 2 inches off the back, it was getting crazy woman long and shaggy), and he said it was probably half hair!  Hmmm.  No, I don't want a pixie, but hmmmm...

I have been doing this blog everyday thing almost a work week, and forgot one little detail.  I still want to answer responses.  So, I might have to 'gather and toss to the front' every once in a while... 

So, yes, thank you, that's nice, Oh, OH!, and no.

(Sorry, couldn't resist...)

So, the blog about goals and writing, Jan. 1-

Thank you all for the good wishes.  Sharon, I believe He-- No is rather effective, too, I just live in a very small town where I have to use it judiciously, as the receiver of same can be the one I have to ask for something later...  But like pepper, it can be good in things, but also like pepper, can over power.  So, there ya go.  Tina, Terry, and messymimi, Thank you, and I hope to be an "action star"!  Or at least act like one.  Feral Female, I have wanted to join the blog writing thing in November, but this little nuisance of life takes over and I usually have a hard time with my standard Wednesday and Sunday blogs.  January seems a bit less hectic... So far.  Canyon Girl, let us set a goal of NOT getting hurt in 2011, yes?  Walking is good, too.  But not being in bits and pieces, that is much better! 

Jan. 2, craft room-

Ms. Diva, I have been accused of the same cleaning practice, but I suppose it's partly because sometimes it is finding a 'home' for something.  It makes it appear that all I did was move a pile, but when it's back where it belongs, not on a table, I think that counts, don't you?  And yes, like that turtle, slow and steady... (Why can't we have a good cheetah proverb, that's what I want to know...)  Sharon, I hope to do a little writing and crafting, the room is big enough for both, and I have a writing area.  It's just not very nice to have to move a hay bale's worth of paper to use it!  As for the thing about writing, I suppose it's like story telling, it might change, but you have the main idea you are working with.  As long as you don't write yourself into a corner, so to speak, isn't different mood and idea part of the process?  messymimi, 15 minutes a day.  Do I hear, perhaps, the voice of Flylady?  I use her ideas a lot.  Not perhaps as much as I should on the craft room, since I tend to procrastinate about it, gee, I need to knit another sock.  Oh, washing the hair.  Petting the cat is vital!  That sort of thing...

Jan. 3, llamas, Tangled, and knitting-

Sharon- first off, I am very glad I inspired you to write something!  I think that's a bit of a compliment, being the prompt for someone else.  As for the knitting, 2 socks.  TWO sets of needles.  Different ones.  I do have a 'recipe' for knitting 2 socks on one set of needles, but am not even brave enough to try it.  Callie-  Well, llamas are big, but they have a bit more of a 'cat' attitude.  They will follow you if you have something they want (or they think you do), otherwise, eh.  I have halters and leads for them, so I can encourage them to follow, but mostly, unless it's shearing time, we don't halter them a lot, so they can just be free to go eat and run around.  messymimi- So, I will be starting on your sock either today, or tomorrow, depending on what comes up in the mean time, I will have to get a little box started with the bitses and pieces that I have, just itsy bitsy stuff, but I don't want to misplace them!  And yes, the ice makes what would be a pleasant walk into a bit of a challenge...

Jan 4- Brain glue and tomatoes.

Sharon- I sort of agree with you, I went the direction I did with the tomatoes because I really don't know how you "cultivate" wonder.  That's like saying to someone, be creative, NOW.  At least for me, it doesn't work...  Wonder, for me, is just an experience.  Like you, it's a thing to be appricated when it happens...  We'll just have to work on our enjoying it when it happens, I guess!  messymimi- Thank you!  This was a fun one to answer, once I figured out HOW to answer...

Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year?  Why? (Alice Bradley)

Ok, this one has me stumped.  I don't recall letting go of much of anything, or any one that I can think of.  Not even attitudes, really.  I am not sure of any letting go.  That's not really a big surprise for a pack rat, however.  I hold on to lots of things.  Too much paper, magazines, books, yarn... Grudges, annoyances, passive aggressiveness.  You know, the usual.  This question just... Hmm.  No, I don't know what I can say. 

Well, that stinks...  Guess I can't bat a thousand every pitch.  Eh.  Maybe tomorrow...


  1. Oh, Cat! (What IS your name anyway?) I let go of a load of things last year. (or maybe the end of 2009)

    I let go of a ton of vanity, many of my "secrets", I also let go of some of my troubles, nothing I can do about them anyway, besides whine and complain. Now, if only I could get rid of whining and complaining, I would have it made!

    I haven't lost a gram, so here's applause for the 0.4#! (clap, clap, clap!)

  2. Well, you clearly let go of a lot of calories.

  3. It was kind of like a weekly Presidential address, cover all the bases and answer to all the fans in one fell swoop.

    Sinead O'Connor will tell you that bald is in!

  4. Cat, all of life is about letting go, when it comes down to it. You let go of one moment and embrace the next, so that you don't end up living in a tiny dark room with nothing but your memories for company.

    Good for you on the weight lost. That is something you are letting go of, day by day.


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