Sunday, February 13, 2011

Responses. Decisions. Blather. We got it all, folks.

I was out of the house and on the go a lot this week, so I didn't get the chance to respond when I put up the answers to my last blog.  So:

Sharon:  I found out, via Wikipedia, trust at your own risk, that Grape Nuts have no grapes, nor nuts.  They, in fact, have barley and wheat in them.  The reason given for the moniker was that Mr. Kellogg, the guy making the stuff, thought sucrose was made during the process, which he called "grape sugar".  Then he ground the cereal in a grinder, calling the end products "nuts".  Hence, Grape-Nuts. 

Louise:  :)

messymimi:  Yes, Rudee is quite astounding on what he does when highly animated.  Even more so on ice! 
And thank you!

Judy's Corner: Might try that, as well, but I tend to have a pen and paper at nearly all times, where I don't always have the computer.  (This never ceases to amaze my "boss", who rarely writes anything.  If she can't type it, it usually doesn't get written down...)  But I will have to find out what form of 'saving' I will use.  Right now, all I have is my poor little broken down computer in the back I use for a typewriter, that uses 3" floppy disks...    Composting?  Yes, I would know about that.  The neighbors wondered why it snowed just on my garden one year, after I'd put all the miscellaneous paper I had shredded on there!  LOL

John Gray:  YES! You are lucky.  Our hen house is shaded, and I have to cover the windows during winter.  Even with the windows having clear plastic, it's gloomy within.  I think that makes the gals less inclined to lay for a bit.  But they are back to nearly full production now!  And chicks are coming up for sale soon, so I am going to get more feathers, for Fur 'n Feathers Farm!  (But, I do envy you about mid December...)

So.  Decisions. 

I took the 'write everyday for a month' pledge.  And now, after saying I would go back to only Wednesdays and Sundays...  I find I think I want to write more than that.  Probably not everyday, (definitely not much on Mondays, that's my one "busy" day), but I hope to write (and comment on other's) blogs more than I have been since January started... 

I have also decided not to do the country fried 5K. 


I said I would this spring.  I am up to a mile, but after this week, where I was walking a lot, I found I don't feel in shape enough yet.  Husband has been sort of my sounding board, sometimes he registers that I am overdoing it before I do.  For example, he has been encouraging me to use my cane when I go out and have to be on the go. 

I have had selective hearing about this...  To my deficit. 

Well, he took me out for an early Valentine's day treat, (it was to a Sportsman's Show.  I asked.  He didn't care if he went or not.  Yes, I am crazy.  Yes, he is wonderful), and he suggested that I really needed to use the cane. 


It's really annoying when he's right.  I went through the whole day, and was TIRED.  I was not, however, in PAIN.  This is an astoundingly big difference, folks!  Especially when we thought it was 3 large buildings.  Nope, it was FOUR large buildings.  Walking all the way, most of the day.  I didn't really do much the next day, let me tell you!  But I am finding that that stupid a$$ cane is a relief. 

Now if I could just tolerate having the stupid thing as a companion.  (Maybe I should get this one. Or this one?  Perhaps this one?  But I would not abide this girly girl one...  Just so NOT me.)  The cane I have needs some repair.  I have been getting slivers from it, so sanding and repainting are in order.  Husband rolled his eyes when I suggested painting it white with a curling red stripe to make a 'candy cane'.  But if I used it, not him, I don't know that he would care.  But, I would probably be only inclined to use that during Christmas.  So, we shall see where I go with it.  If anywhere.  I find it annoying to be 43 and need to worry about a cane.  Blurble.  Guess it could be much, much worse.  (And it was supposed to be, but I had some fantastic doctors...)

Finished two projects.  Messymimi, I finally have your Christmas stocking finished, so I will email soon for some info.  (Just roaring right along, hurrying, yes?  Only took me HOW MANY months to finish the project?)  Finished a pair of socks for myself.  That part's sort of funny, everyone lurves them the color of the socks, but when I looked it up, the color isn't there.  Whether it's discontinued, not made this time of year, what, but it's well known yarn company, so I assume it's just been discontinued.  Oh, well.  Guess that makes them rare and collectable, right? 

Right now, I am trying to get a baby blanket or two ahead. 

And my "boss" has asked that I knit more hats for the Christmas party this year.  She said that the kids liked the ones I had made.  Eeep.  I think I hear a call for hats that I might make into something here on the blog, but I will have to see what my boss says.  Let's just say, 50 hats was a lot for me to knit, and I really have a few other projects I should finish.  Like baby blankets for my charity, since I promised them first. 

I really need 12 more hands for knitting.  Or several pairs of Mrs. Weasley's magic knitting needles from Harry Potter...


  1. Hi Cat!

    Me thinks Mr. Kellogg was nuts!

    About your cane - now I always thought that I would like for myself - one of those twisted wood ones with a silver handle shaped like a wolf or lion - just a thought, why not get something classy, so it looks like you're making a fashion statement, rather than being needful of a cane?

    I am kind of hooked on writing, myself - lost when I don't have my computer or the internet. Of course, I am not writing the great American novel either. I think if you are a blogger - you Are a blogger.... the novel will come!

    Sorry I can't help with the hats, I would if I could. Have fun Sweetie!

  2. Sharon: I agree. If some of the stuff I have read about the man is true, nuts would be kind...

    I will have to see what I come up with. Mom suggested a place that I hadn't even considered, who knows. I also had thought about the feed store, or camping places, they have neat stuff that could double as a cane.

    I know what you mean about the internet. I think that I have sort of weaned myself off tv, to have that take the space. Blogs, websites, stuff... And yes, I am a blogger. Novelist, I am still working on.

    As far as the hats, only time will tell what will happen...


  3. You do have a fabulous husband. So listen when he tells you to use the cane, at least once in a while. A man who isn't the one dragging his wife to a show like that deserves to be listened to at least once in a while.;)

    Yes, there are huge differences between being in pain and just being weary or tired or even just a little bit sore. Been all of them, and pain is the worst.

    As i said at the beginning, how long it takes you to knit the stocking really didn't matter, as it is for display at the end of this year. I'll look for your email over the next few days.

    The hat project sounds almost overwhelming. Be sure to remember what you have learned about using the word no before you decide.

  4. messymimi:
    Yes, I must say, he is drug about by me more often than the reverse... But about the cane, I guess my problem is mostly that I don't realize that I am in pain until it's THERE. The cane helps, it is more a stupid vanity thing... But I don't quite follow WHY it works. (Poor shiny new doctor is going to have a LOT of questions when I get there next...)

    And yes, I know, it was just that I expected to be finished much sooner than it actually took... Hmm.

    And, I haven't said yes, or no. This might turn into a smaller donation, or a bloggy project. I have to discuss this with my 'bosses' and find out what I can and can't do.

    We shall see...



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