Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sock, elders, and snow.

So, I finally, but finally got messymimi's prize to her.  I told her I would knit up a Christmas sock, and though it is now nearly March, I did get it finished...
 The finished sock...
And my little tree design.

So, I am pleased that it came out pretty well.  And that it got there!  (For me, and yon postal thingies, that isn't always the case...)

In other news, I mentioned in the last blog that I wondered why the kids were called "elders".  I found out that there is a site, (not surprisingly, named where they have actual people who will answer your questions.  I decided to give it a try, and I found out that the young folk are elders because they are missionaries for the church, not because they are old fogies drinking from the fountain of youth... 

I must say, I thought the folks were very nice answering my questions.  I find that, sadly, so many of these sites have "trolls" visiting who seem to have the sole purpose of finding ways to be complete, obnoxious (your pejorative here).  While I have no burning desire to become anything other than what I am, I find learning about other's faith, politics, where they live, and just who they are, can be fascinating, (if I don't get someone who is a 'troll' on the other end.)  As a wonderful man once said, "there are douche bags in every religion..." And pretty much everywhere else.  But there are wonderful people too, if we can find them. 

And there's your dose 'o saccharine for the day!  ; ) 

And well, I knew it was February.  It has been undeniably confirmed...

This is the view from my meditation area.  While a terrific view, my meditation has been transferred to the house of late, because the morning temps have been anywhere from 17 to 30 degrees in the morning! (-8 to -1, for my C preferring friends.  Either way... BRRRR!!!)

Unlike my friends on the eastern end of the US, we received... About 2 or 3 inches.  And most of it has melted.  There was a prediction of six, but we live in a spot that is slightly warmer, and doesn't usually get the predicted amount.  We are supposed to get some more snow this weekend possibly, which should turn to rain this week.  Please think really, really good thoughts, that it doesn't just turn to rain, and we have it as ice.  Been there, done that, detest it heartily.

But we have the generator ready... Just in case.  And people provisions.  And of course, pet food. 

Gotta have llama chow...  (Watch out, they spit!)  ; )


  1. Wow-beautiful stocking prize! I'm am certain she will love it and cherish it for years! The snow is pretty-but what we in Maine barely even call a "dusting"!!!

  2. just stumbled upon your blog... think i might have to stumble back. great socks! i agree with you about their being losers in every religion! good for you for keeping an open mind.

  3. The Christmas stocking turned out very cute! Lucky messymimi!

    A long time ago in a time near forgotten, two young gentlemen of the Mormon persuasion can to "visit" my sister, who had a 1 old screaming in her arms, and a toddler (not quite 2) hanging onto her and screaming. She was very pregnant and on her last nerve, she was trying to wash clothes with a wringer washer and the house was a mess. You know what these two young men did? They made her sit down and put her feet up, the did her laundry, straightened up her apartment, hung the clothes on the line for her, and left. They never preached or pushed. She never saw them again.

    I know cold weather must be on it's way again, and I am not for it one tiny bit! It's time for Spring to rear it's pretty head!

    Have a lovely, rest of the weekend!

  4. It is even more wonderful in person, and i thank you mightily. My whole family are very impressed.

    Yes, it's too cold to stay out where you are. Here, spring is sprung, and the forecast is for the temps to stay well above freezing. I'll pray you get only as much wet as you need to keep from having a drought, and none of the dangerous stuff.

    Agree that there are good and bad people in every group. In fact, in every group, there is at least one person who make you wish you didn't belong!

  5. The sock is really pretty. I love your design.
    Oh, I am so like you in being curious about how other folks live, think, do things, etc. Yet I certainly won't condone any proselytizing.
    Hope it is all rain or all snow!
    I wish we would get something - moisture is really needed here.

  6. Rain:

    Uh, yes! One of my friends that lives in Maine sent me a picture of her house, with a door on the second story. I asked, why no deck? She said that was the winter door, so they could get out when it snowed. Now THAT'S snow!


  7. Hopeful:

    Well, welcome, and glad you enjoyed! Yeah, there are good and bad in everything, I try desperately to be philisophical about it. (Not always successfully...) And thanks!


  8. Sharon:

    I think that ministry might say more than all the speaking one could do. (And, I might add, they had Mammas that raised them right!) ;)


  9. messymimi:

    I am happy you liked it, I had fun making it. (I want to add, Mom helped, she found the little star for the tree top...)

    So far so good, and thank you... I know that the weather is going to change soon, I just hope it doesn't warm too fast. And I have just enough cabin fever to have looked through my garden catalogs at least twice. Hearing "above freezing" makes my gardener's nerves twitch... (Sort of like a rabbit's nose, but more pointed.)

    And sadly, amen to that last comment... :P


  10. Dreaming:

    Thank you, I sort of had an idea, then just "made it up" the rest of the way. I am curious about people, and sometimes, the preaching doesn't even bother me, if I can get the person preaching to understand I am interested in them, and why they believe what they do. Some are wonderful, others, over the top. Takes all kinds, I suppose...

    So far, just sloppy snowish rain. As long as it doesn't freeze, I will take it... And yes, I wish it would even out a bit, feast or famine, weather wise, this season!!



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