Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Title goes here...

And... More words should go here, making sentences.  The sentences should lead to paragraphs, making a coherent thought and readable passage. 

Yeah.  Right. 

Ever had one of those days that you think the average IQ of the gunk behind the refrigerator probably would need to spot you 5 points to make it even? 

I took some antihistamines this morning, my allergies were driving me to distraction, and even tho the darn thing should be out of my system, I still feel like I could just sit and doze off without much excuse...  Which would be very interesting for any deputies.  Or my bosses... 

So.  Let's see.  I am finally getting eggs, silly hens took long enough break.  We celebrated this fact by Husband having a homemade Egg McDoohickey that he likes.  I put homemade egg, cheddar, and ham on an English Muffin, but otherwise it's JUST LIKE the one at the Golden Arches Breakfast club.  (Well, sometimes I use American Cheese...) 

I also made him cookies.  I have been trying and trying to get him to eat the cereal I bought, Grape Nutty stuff.  He likes the other stuff.  I am not a fan of GN, it's okay, but if I have the choice, it's usually something else.  I am beginning to suspect Husband feels the same way.  So, I made cookies.  Oatmeal Raisin.  (Which I don't care for, and he really likes.)  Except, it became Oatmeal Grapenutty Raisin.  I make a double batch, which calls for 6 cups oats.  I used three of oats, three of Grapeynuts.  Husband noticed, after about the sixth cookie.  He likes it.  Which a double batch I certainly hope so!  So, I will have to see what other nefarious concoctions I can make with the stuff, and maybe get it used up, somehow.  The plus in this, I tried a bite of the cookie, to see if the consistency was okay.  Now, I don't like Raisin Oatmeal, and these have the added benefit of my not liking the texture.  Works for my benefit, anything that can keep me from mindless munching, that is a good thing, Martha, dear!

The weather is just odd here. 

It was raining just a day or so ago, then it was foggy, this morning it was icy. That lead to an interesting incident.  Rudee is a very happy, active dog.  We have wheelchair accessible ramps to our doorways. (Long story, remind me, I might tell you about that later.)  Well, Rudee loves to 'racecar' up and down those things, and normally, this isn't a problem.  But this morning?  He roared up the thing, and slipped a leg off the side, then started skidding, trying to keep from falling off, since he'd reached the highest point.  I realized, the place where he was at had frost on it.  I couldn't do much, and he managed to slide around and get footing again, but I noticed he was a bit less 'warp speed' until he was on the ground again.  But now, this afternoon?  It's sunny.  I keep wondering, everyone in the Midwest and East Coast, snow, snow, more snow, and if that isn't enough, snow and ice.  Here, no.  But I am just waiting for when the other weather shoe drops.  Microburst?  Ice Storm late in the season?  G*d forbid, volcano? 

Maybe I worry too much. Hey, everyone needs a hobby.

Writing... I have a little written, and was trying to get some that I had written a while ago off a thumb drive I have.  The thumb drive no longer worksSo.  Plan B.  I  remember most of what I wrote, so I am going to go Old School, and write it on paper, with a pen.  Then, and only then, I will transfer it to a disk/CD/stick/holographic nanobot, whatever.  Because, as archaic as pen and paper is, I have less problems with it.  I can crush it, and still have it readable when I smooth it out.  I can carry it with me, in a folder, with out worry that I will misplace it (as easily as a thing about half the size of a pencil).  I guess I am just a bit on the grouchy side, I like technology, all right.  But I want to be able to use it without fear of something going poof, and getting rid of the stuff I carefully put back for further use.  Husband suggested the little teeny memory thing like is used in cameras and such.  He said there are less moving parts, so it shouldn't go out on me like the other. 

I think I am still going to use my pen and paper.  Back up.  Just in case. 

Speaking of technology, I was looking at Amazon.  I found out, I can use the type of computer I have as a really big Kindle, with a download from Amazon.  I did this, then started looking at the titles.  Hmm.  I found out there are several that are free.  Like to the tune of around 15,000 books.  As many books as I have read, there were several that popped up that I hadn't, like "Dracula", and "Alice in Wonderland".  And some that I had, but would like to read again, like the journals of Lewis and Clark.  Of course, the whole point is to draw you in to the ones you BUY, but there are a bunch of them that I want to look at in the freebie section, as well. 

But that doesn't mean that I have any less books in the rest of the house.  I need to get cracking on "Guns, Germs, and Steel", Husband wants to read it.  So, I have been trying not to start on another book, until I finish that one, so he can read it.  This lead to a bit of a negotiation, he still has "Lord of the Rings" series stuck on his bedside table.  I told him I get that after I give him the GGS book.  High stakes here, folks!  Mostly, we do that to make sure that we know where said book IS.

I have lost a pound this week.  Yay!  I still don't understand how I can gain one week, and lose the next, and not be doing anything particularly different!  I guess just trying to be consistant is the biggest part.  That and keeping chocolate chips out of the house... 

So.  There you have it.  A blog.

Ta Da! 

Have yourself a good day, and don't fallllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

OH! Hi, Deputy!


  1. Grape Nuts in cookies? I'm wondering, seeing that I do not have a box and you do - are there grapes in them? How about nuts? I have never been a fan, so was just wondering... will you buy again to make more cookies?

    We had snow today, it took a while, came later than "they" said it would, as children county wide waited and crossed their fingers. Jill loves the stuff has been outside playing in it 3 times already! Poor Rudee, I would suspect he could really get hurt that way. Jack and Jill have both had some nasty spills rushing to be the first to get a doggy bone, because of our slick floors!

    Congrats on the whole pound! You are really doing it right, you know?

    I saved some very special stuff on my windows 98. DH broke the comp and #3 son put the hard drive in a XP comp as a slave and now it says it can't read those files. You are right about the pen and paper, maybe could print out each page? My DH's family history is on that unreadable hard drive!

    Have a good night!

  2. A very amusing day in the life.

  3. These wet, cold days are sleep magnets.

    Rudee sounds like quite a card when he is in rocket mode.

    Can't say i blame you for sticking with pen and paper back up. Too err is human, but to really foul things up requires technology.

    Congrats on losing weight!

  4. So.... just wondering if it wouldn't be just as simple to print the pages, as you complete them, and use that as your "hard copy" backup? Technology IS frustrating, but also so fabulous for composing and recomposing..... and sometimes, composting, but I digress!

    Enjoyed the post!

  5. I am so lucky! we have eggs right through the winter


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