Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clean chicken feet. And rain. LOTS of rain.

Shortish blog. 

Husband was worried about me walking the hill today (we had the water running down the hill again...), so he suggested that I put chips from the pile we received in the hen yard, making it chips, not mud.  This will be good, so the chickens aren't (ahem) deep in mud, and the llamas (who are fed in the hen yard), aren't hock deep.  I try to keep it clean, but there has been so much rain, it washed most of what I had put there away. 

I don't think that will happen this time, for a little bit anyway.  Husband decided to speed up the process, by using the bucket... on the backhoe.  I had  a HUGE amount of the chips to move.  I now have about a 4 to 5 inch deep layer, and it will pack down nicely, it looks like.

I also found out that I have several muscles that I really didn't know I had.  And quite frankly, wish I didn't know about now... Ow.  The legs were fine.  The arms are a little iffy, and the shoulders and back. Oh, my.

I am going to need Tylenol tonight, folks...

And wish me luck.  Remember when I said that I was glad of the new people in the one volunteer group?  Still am, but I am going to have to get her to communicate with me a bit more. Boss wants me to do performances, and then we play email tag on who, where and how long.  I just found out she'd like me to have one more person along, and I had already had to talk like a good fella to get a car pool so I didn't have to drive, (it's through Portland, and I don't do big cities at all well).  The driver said, oh, Boss had said X was going too, and I don't have enough room for three.  I said, nooo, there's only two.  So, I am going to let Boss know that I had only planned for two, and we can work on the other person NEXT performance. 

The joys of new systems.  Gah.

And I think I am officially sick of the rain.  There is pond algae growing on our driveway. 

That's just not right...


  1. Putting the wood chips down should help with the sloppy wet, for the hens.

    I believe we are getting our April Showers, all at once, all day long, nearly every day. I am glad I live on a hill.....

  2. You are right. We live in the swamps, so to speak, and we get a bit of green algae on the high top of the van, but not pond algae on the driveways.

    Communication is the key with new volunteer people. Hope that works out soon.

    Good for the hen yard, bad for your back. Isn't that usually the way?

    Hope it dries out up there soon.

  3. The next time a little ol' rain cloud comes over the hill, tell it to come our way!

    Many years ago we decided to wood chip our driveway. It was beautiful. Until...we had a good rain and we rediscovered that wood floats. It floated down hill in the rushing water! I hope your area is flat enough (sounds like it is since the puddle stayed there) that your chips stay!

  4. Sharon:

    It has been! All the animals today had clean(er) feet! And I live at the bottom of a hill. So I get the benifit of rain, AND run off... Oh, joy...


  5. messymimi:

    Swampy? That must lead to some interesting areas in your yard... Communication. Something that this particular group is still working on. I am hopeing for the best. Back, riiiiight between the ol' shoulder blades.



  6. Dreaming:

    You may have all of it! It is getting close to rediculous here! We are in Oregon, so I know we are suppose to have rain, but it seems like the weather has been a little TOO generous! But the chips shouldn't go anywhere, the area is actually sloped some to the cement area in front of the chicken house, so if it sloughs off, it should end up closer to the chicken house. Unless it floats past that... Sigh.




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