Friday, March 25, 2011

I am just sooo... Dial tone. I got nothin'.

I woke up today just ready to go back to bed.  I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say 4 hours of sleep isn't enough.  Especially when it's broken up by needing to stand and stretch a hamstring...


So I will delight and amaze you with this Thursday Thunks that I thought was interesting.

1. Would you try a dog food flavored jelly bean? What about skunk spray or vomit flavored?

I actually tried a dog biscuit once, just 'cuz.  Long story short, I can't see why the dogs like them.  Eh.  So, probably not.  Definitely not if it was a wet food flavor.  (Since they come in flavors like liver, that doesn't improve matters. EEEEEW.)  Skunk spray.  Hmm.  I wouldn't try them, but I know a couple people I might be more than happy to give a big ol' bowl full to.  (With my luck, they'd love 'em.)  And for all the Harry Potter fans, there IS a vomit flavored one... Jelly Belly Company put out some screwy flavors, (Bernie Botts Beans) and that was one of them.  It doesn't necessarily taste like vomit to me, but it wasn't a pleasant one... It was however, better than the sardine flavored one.  (Which isn't saying much.)

I joke not. 
2. Are any keys on your keyboard worn off?

Not yet.  The J, K, and the E,R, and T  keys are getting there.  However my right click button is down to the plastic.  (I don't use the J key that much, all I can figure out is that it's the home key.  The F key isn't worn much.  The mysteries of my typing.  And having much, too much time on my hands to stare at a keyboard...)

3. Why are the lids on coffins nail/locked/sealed? Are we afraid they are going to get out?

Fear of Zombies? 
Making sure we don't fall out?

(Yes, Mom, I was thinking of the hospital stay with that comment!) 

I really don't know why, except that at one time there was a lot of grave robbing.  Maybe they are more fearful someone might get IN.  Does seem like an inconvenience for CSI guys when they have to exhume a body to prove foul play... ; )

4. True love. Define it.

A. When you go into surgery, and you wake up with your family around you asking if you are okay, before the nurse even knows you're conscious.

B. Husband taking you to the Tom Petty concert when he really doesn't give a hoot about Petty.

C. Allowing each other passions, goofiness and eccentricities that make them a more unique person.  Especially when it involves animals, funny costumes, rock stars, gardening or conversely, large, highly technical machinery and boats.  Just sayin'...
5. Where is the strangest place you are ever fallen asleep?

On a bus going to Missouri, waking up to hear the bus driver and a blind passenger discussing Soul music.  Then hearing the blind passenger sing "Three Blind Mice".  (And everyone in the front 6 rows cracking up.)
6. A doctor walks up to you and says "I will change anything you want... big or small... doesn't matter how much it costs, I'll do it for free!". What do you have him fix or change on your body?

Since I don't like surgery, this is a harder one to answer.  But I suppose... Getting rid of some of my scars.  Or a "tummy tuck".  I think that's what it's called, making the poochy part of my belly not so poochy.  But I would really not want to go through it, so I would more than likely smile and ask said doc to offer it to someone else...
7. The last picture you took - share it.

Oddly enough, it was the picture for my blog photo, of BTK.  (I am still working on Bunny Ears for his Easter photo.  Husband is mildly amused at this...  Can't imagine why...)

8. Blue or black ink. Your preference?

Never really thought about it.  I prefer pencil, oddly enough, but probably black ink.  But I really figure if the pen works, I am happy...
9. You are walking down the sidewalk on a city street and you see a little girl, about 3 or 4 years old, she asks you if you can tie her shoe for her. What do you do?

I would first look to see where Mom, Dad or other Significant Caretaker was.  I would then see what was up with the shoelace, and tie or fix, asking where Mom, Dad, or other Significant Caretaker was, see if she knew her phone number, and then probably call the police, to make sure she wasn't out by herself any longer.  (Staying with her, of course.)
10. What channel numbers are ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX for you?

Lessee.  2, 8, 6, and 12/49 respectively.  (And right now I can't get 12, so I am going through Perry Mason withdrawal at the moment...)
11. Did/do you have any marriage deal breakers?

I had one boyfriend that informed me that we would have "at least 4 kids."  I told him that I wanted to finish school, he thought that was all right, but we'd have kids right after I got out.  He then mentioned I would probably have to put off getting a job while I was pregnant.  That was what his mom did.


Same boyfriend also didn't think I should make noise when I drove. "You are to be quiet, do not talk, do not make noise."  And since I was pissed at this beyond words very passive aggressive, I made a point of making noises like laying rubber when I took off, and screeching when I went around corners.  He tsked and scowled at me a lot for that. 

The topper was that he was nearly helpless, but didn't like me working on his car.  I am not talking a rebuild here folks, he was embarrassed when I and my Dad fixed a headlight that he'd had aligned wrong.  (He didn't know how, and had someone at a gas station do it. Wrong...)  I guess I should have let him shine the light at the tree tops, but thought perhaps he'd prefer actually lighting the road. 

He was an okay guy, I guess, but he showed his true colors when he broke up with me, which I won't go into, but let's just say he was NOT the answer to Question #4. 

So, I think I have now used up all the vim and vigor one very strong cup of caffeinated tea can give me.  I will now return to using one brain cell at a time.

Good day!


  1. Better to have one brain cell blinking consistently that every bleep one going off at a different rate!


  2. Very good.

    Glad you have the husband you have, as i'm sure you and he are, too.

  3. Sharon:

    Actually, I do that, too. It's called "Monday".



  4. messymimi:

    Yep, he chased the livin' daylights outta me until I caught him, so it worked out well!


  5. Interesting thoughts, and no, I wouldn't eat vomit flavored jelly beans!!

  6. Dreaming:

    Well, when you get these particular jelly beans, they have no "guide" (it's supposed to make it more FUN, if you can believe that), and so it was by mistake that I had one. One that I did not repeat...



  7. I think you might need another cup of coffee.

  8. Louise:

    Well, regular tea, at any rate...



  9. Yeah, I think vomit is where I draw the line. I have had dirt, soap, rotten egg and you haven't lived until you've tried booger. Next up on my list will be pencil shavings. Funny, I live about 3 miles from a Jelly Belly store and 45 minutes from the Calif factory. Care for any moldy cheese?

  10. KnitNurd:

    I don't believe I had the rotten egg or soap. I have had the (mis) fortune of the the rest, and let me tell you, I had a black pepper one, that I think was ALL pepper!

    Power Disgusting! (But, that's the point, I think.)



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