Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rudee is thrilled... And I am trivia-ing the blog.

It was the first day in a WEEK that we walked.  Husband, bless him, has taken Rudee out, but he hasn't been up the hill, as far as I know, since last Saturday.  It was a very short walk, just up and back, but I was panting by the time I returned, (my nose is SUCH a joy...), so I took it a bit easy.  I will up it a round or two tomorrow.  But, at least, my dog is back to his joy, rolling in llama crap, running on the hill and playing. 

I was saddened to hear about a friend of mine.  I love to spin yarn.  I got the bug from an elderly lady, who showed me the whole thing of how to do so.  She invited me to join a local spinning group.  She was a really neat lady.  She had to quit spinning because of hip and leg problems, I visited her once or twice, but she sort of lost interest when she couldn't participate in the group.  She died yesterday. I guess that I will knit a pair of socks for someone with my hand spun.  I think she would like that...  Bright colors for some little kid. 

I have been following the Iditarod.  I don't know why the news will put on information like a certain actor's meltdown, but not a race that is decades old, and (since conflict is considered NEWSWORTHY ) controversial.  I think that would be my 'thing' when I go to Alaska, (I will get there!) , I want to see Denali/McKinley, and I would like to see at least part of an Iditarod.  From what I read, the lead is Schnuelle, but Hugh Neff is still in first place.  (I think it has something to do with standings and overall points...)  I guess I just am looking at how it would be so neat to go with a pack of dogs and see what happens.  However, there was a couple of crashes having to do with a female dog in heat, getting the males all hot and bothered, so maybe it might not be all fun and mushing...

Is Mother Nature having a nervous breakdown?  Snow back east, to the point of burying cities.  Flooding in the Midwest.  Friends in Christchurch and the disaster there.  NOW, Japan has unmitigated chaos.  I just keep thinking, okay, what's next...  Then I whistle, and knock frantically on any wooden surface. 

Unrelated to that, I found an online course.  All you ever wanted to know about hoodoo magic in a convenient, online, 52 week course.  (Honestly, I was looking up police magazines, and got this... Google makes stranger mental connections than I do.  And that's saying something, folks!!!)

I am feeling so much improved, if tired.  I want to thank all of you for the good thoughts, and virtual chicken soup, and I will be back visiting blogs soon.  (I haven't been blogging, or reading same much, as I was coughing, and sneezing on the screen.  Besides being disgusting, cleaning the screen every 5 minutes makes it hard to concentrate...)

Still knitting.  I did finish the kid's socks, I have a 'me' sock started, and trying to wrap up a baby blanket.  Trying not to start anything else until I finish the aforementioned.  Does winding the yarn and carding fluff to make two more projects count???


If Ryan didn't go to Las Vegas, (and I say she didn't...), I haven't got two more projects yet.  Heh...

Rationalization is a wonderful thing...


  1. You do sound a little better, but not quite out of the woods yet, it would seem.

    I am sorry your friend passed away, it seems the older a person gets the more friends and family they lose....

    Yes, I believe we are done "fooling Mother Nature" and boy is she mad. I have noticed different things the past couple of years and it does have me, shall we say, scared bleepless? I guess an old lady's ramblings are taken as just that, but to me - it doesn't look good at all.

    Take care of yourself now and get all better - just in time for allergies?

  2. I have always been fascinated by the Iditarod. When I was teaching we read books about it and followed it online. Gary Paulsen, an author of books for adolescent-age kids, wrote several books about his experiences training for and running in the Iditarod.
    I echo your sentiments about what the news cares to share. Ugh! The media really makes me mad with how they blow things out of proportion and how they try to make things sensational.

  3. As sick and yucky as you felt-you cracked me up and made me feel better! Oh I'm not ill-just not as up as I like to be. But tomorrow is another day and spring is closer and the clock is turning ahead-great! But am putting my prayers towards Japan and that should help. Feel better-virtual lentil soup heading your way-(I'm a vegetarian!!)!!

  4. Sharon:
    Yes, on the upswing, but not all there yet, but working on it. As far as losing people, I know that everyone goes eventually, but I guess it's harder when you have something you really "got" from the person... If that makes sense.

    I agree about the scared bleepless, myself. Sitting near the "ring of fire", and close to several nearby fault lines doesn't exactly help... eep.

    Oh. Did you have to remind me??? :P


  5. Rain:

    I am glad people find my blog fun. And funny. That's a good thing to me... And yes, I figure I am on the upswing, spring is making me itchy for gardening, and things will go on!
    Prayers are always good in my book. Good thoughts, meditations, prayers.

    Hmm. Ya know, I have had lentils, but have never had lentil soup! Have to see about correcting that... Just no couscous. Icky!


  6. Dreaming:

    I think the Iditarod seems to be more "reality" show than the stuff that is passed off as reality shows, but it seems to get the Rodney Dangerfield treatment. But a certain actor that is having a mental break (I refuse to put his name on my blog), or drug overdose, or SOMETHING, is only overshadowed when there is an 8.9 earthquake? Something is sadly wrong here.



  7. Dear Cat,

    We're back from vacation, and i'm trying to catch up. Sorry to read that you have been ill!

    Yes, it was a big downer to come back from vacation, during which i avoided news like the plague, to find so many awful things happening. Also, i agree that the doings of so called celebrities is not fit for news, it is fodder for gossip, a totally different thing.

    The Iditarod is amazing and fascinating. There's no way, with my reaction to cold weather, that i'll ever see one in person, but i'm content to follow at a distance.

    Hope you continue to get well very quickly.

  8. Glad to hear you are on the mend and out and about. Enjoy the weaving! I haven't been reading blogs and have had to push myself to post. Winter blahs...


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