Saturday, April 02, 2011

B. Blooms, blossoms, beans, and... Blarney?

I have travelled more in the last week or two than I think I have in the last several MONTHS.  I went to Aurora, Oregon, for an event called "Gardenpalooza", and though it was about a 2 hour drive, it was so pretty.  I had wanted to see this, as I had heard about it for some time, but had always had other commitments on the day it was held.  I fought it out with the Universe, and managed to win this round.  I walked my feet off today, there was flowers, there were garden tools, there were trees, there was host of the show Garden Time, Willam McClenathan and Judy Alleruzzo.  (Which while it won't mean a darn thing to people outside the local area, I thought were pretty neat folks!)

This is the picture I got of them, after Willam had mentioned something about going out to have a smoke, and Mom made the comment that I'd mentioned the name sounded like a hippie gathering, so what was he going to smoke?  He did assure us it was Marlboro's...

I didn't take many pictures, but here is a little sample of some of the pretty things...

Mom and I talked about several of the items, and decided that a whole lot of them must have been forced, so they could have them blooming, as a lot of them were waaay early for this time of year.  Daffodils, yes. Roses?  Not that I know of...

And for any that were confused by yesterday's blog link, or couldn't get it to work for whatever reason...  It was a video of Rick Astley, and it is a play on a computer joke, being "Rick Rolled".  That's about as thrill packed as my jokes get, sometimes.  I really wish I had thought of Louise's idea.  Horse stall, apples.  I tip my hat, that would have been great! 

So, I am going to go rest my feet now.  Oh, and I am going to have to explain to Husband about the finer points of dried beans.  I was going to make bean soup.  He said that I should just wait until I got home.  Ahem.  Anyone else have no desire to eat pea gravel?  I also didn't want to make dinner AFTER returning home...  Poor guy, he just doesn't know the finer points of cooking things, on occasion.  Of course, this is the man that told me that the recipe for cheese soup is  to melt Velveeta. (Yes, I do the majority of the cooking, why do you ask?)

(He was a bachelor for quite a while...)


  1. You might try explaining to Husband that the reason red beans and rice day in south Louisiana is Monday is because that was laundry dry. Thus it was the only day the fire was burning long enough, all day in fact to heat water for the wash, to actually get those suckers cooked.

    Hope your feet are feeling better soon.

  2. I was looking for Blossoms and Blooms, then I re-read Gardenpalooza - Light bulb - gardening stuff! I guess I am just getting tired.

    My DH doesn't quite understand that you have to soak the beans before you can cook them either. 4:30 in the afternoon "why don't you cook up a pot of beans for supper?".... yah, sure, why not?

  3. I love garden shows. After I visit I want to come home and plant everything.

    Have you tried cooking the beans in a crock pot? Before I retired I used to put the beans in the crock pot, season them well then cook on low. When I got home they were great!

  4. messymimi:
    Yes, I think he figures it's like beans from a can, heat and eat. Not... Like the laundry day bit, might get him to register about the time.

    Then again.


  5. Sharon:

    Don't feel bad, there has been more than one episode where I have to re-read someone's blog 'cuz I missed something. Even the main point, sadly...

    So, your husband is fond of pea gravel soup, too?



  6. C and C...:
    Yes, I have Spring (Garden) Fever so bad that I could plant now, if I wouldn't look like Swamp Thing when I finished.

    And that's how I cook my beans, in fact, it's about the only way I can. I found that I have to cook them some way that I can set and forget, and it works for days when I am not going to be home. Husband will check on it, so it works.


  7. Melting Velveeta or soup ... now that would be ummm, interesting. Do let me know if he ever fixes lunch for you.

  8. Marie Anne:

    He actually does quite well. As long as it's not soup. And you don't mind carb loading...


  9. i volunteered most of the day yesterday, so my husband kindly cooked last night by putting a frozen pizza in the oven. he burned it.

    but he's very good with the laundry, dishes and vacuuming, so i'm keeping him.

  10. bon bon:

    Ah, well, a burned pizza still is one you didn't have to cook. ;)

    And yes, if he is up to the task of the rest, I would give him a pass on the cooking stuff.



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