Monday, April 11, 2011

I... can't believe it!

I am amazed.

I am astounded.

I am baffled why it took so long.

I am pleased that it finally arrived.

I am not impressed with the quality...

I am in NO WAY impressed with the service...

It arrived, today.

I have THE shirt, that after almost a year, and 5 attempts, in my possesion.

I am seriously considering having it laminated...

Is it a miracle?

Is it a sign?

Is it worth all the effort?

(I won't answer that, at the moment...)

I officially rock, now! 
 In summation: I, YI, YI, whatta headache, but it's now mine, finally!


  1. Glad it finally arrived, and you rock with or without it.

  2. messymimi:




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