Thursday, April 14, 2011

L, late, but here it is...

I have a young friend, his name is Logan.  We call him Logie.  He is a HUGE little boy, he looks to be about the size of a first grader, and I think he's about... 3? ish.  He is a kick in the pants.  Like most little ones, he has very little subtlety.  I saw him at the store, and he was with his grandpa.  I asked him how he was, and received the non sequitur, "I don't like bees." 


Why don't you like bees?  Grandpa was busy talking to my dad, but I noticed he was keeping an eye on Logie.  And me.

All the sudden Logie bursts out with total indignancy, "A bee STUNG me on my pee pee, and it HURTS!" 

Good grief! Poor thing, I don't think I would be wild about a bee sting there, either!  (Grandpa was worried that I might be upset, I was more upset that Logie wasn't feeling good...)

He has had much better times with us, however.  He comes over to our house, and we have been dubbed his "big people friends".  He saw the cougar, and the skull of same, and promptly went and told his pre-school class about his big people friends had a "kitty skull he was able to hold".  This made for some explaining to the teacher, as she wasn't quite clear about "kitty skull".  She thought perhaps his imagination was on overdrive or some such, I gather. 

Logie loves trains, I hear about... I believe it's Thomas the Tank Engine (?) when he comes over. I listen, it is a TV show with anthropomorphic train cars, from what I gather.  He just loves it, and I know he has gone on short train trips once or twice, I want to ask him about it when I see him next.  He's one of these little guys that if he likes something, everything ends in a !.  Or occasionally, !!!. 

Mom has something that he seems to like even more than our cougar.  He will come over and promptly run over to the other side of the room, and watch Mom's coo coo clock.  He will stand as patiently as a 3 year old can, until it coo coos, and then he calls back "coo coo!", then runs over to tell Mom and his Grandma that the coo coo struck.  He counted how many times, and was able to coo coo that many for me last time I was there. (I believe it was 4...)

So, here's to little friends, coo coo clocks, and trains.  Long may they last. 

With no more pee pee stings!!!


  1. Oh my goodness..poor little guy! Logan sounds like a charmer :)

  2. What a fun kid to have around. Kids like that make us realize that all is well with the world.
    Ouch! Poor guy!

  3. Yes the children have no problem sharing what's on their mind! He sounds so adorable.

  4. Ouch! Poor little guy.

    Worse than my father-in-law refusing to go to a rest stop on a trip and making my mother-in-law use the woods. She squatted over a patch of poison ivy. He never refused to stop again.

  5. Owwwww! I can't even imagine. :( Good thing kids are able to get over things pretty quickly!


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