Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P. Perspective.

I could consider myself big and powerful.

Then I see this.

I could see myself as small and useless.

Then I see this.


I remember a teacher telling me "it's not what's happening, it's how you react to it."  I have thought, gee, I need to turn into Pollyanna?  Over the years, I have started to understand the idea.  I won't say I am anywhere close to being blissful in all things, (nor do I personally feel you should be), but I think some of my thoughts have become 'better', for lack of a better term. 

I don't want to exercise, it hurts today.
I am happy that Rudee loves to go out, it motivates me, and most of the time, I stop hurting.

My ankle is throbbing and hurting, and I just found another blasted rock in my shoe.
I don't like the pain, but it's nice after 10+ years, to have sensation in that foot.  It's scary when you drop a pin, can't find it, and realize it has embedded itself in your foot, and YOU DIDN'T KNOW!

I am sick of the phone ringing for Husband.
I am happy that he is getting work in this economy.

I am tired of being a weenie, and not being able to heft and haul like I did.
I am not 19 and in Karate class... Concept time, bodies change!  I am also much more able to do and have endurance than what I did, just a year ago.  And who said it was a race, anyway???

I have 5 different things all the same day!
I am glad that so many people want me around, that I am included in projects and groups.

I can't find my blasted sunglasses...
Thank G*d, the sun is finally shining!  And they are right where I left them, just got covered up with a paper.

Husband and I will have to take down this copse of trees this summer.  Right in the middle of the dang blackberries...

Hey, we will be working together.  We will have firewood for ourselves, and others who might need it, and maybe, just possibly, I can get the blackberries thinned enough that picking them won't involve hand to hand combat with a vine!

And then for some nice perspective, for me...

(You knew I had to do that for P, didn't you???)

And see, Mom, I can indeed get through the P blog with no puns.  (Just you wait... Heh, heh, heh...)


  1. Omg love this entry, Cat. And you are so right...great job with this post!...wish i could blog like that....but then i am happy i can even write in English! Lol does that work?

  2. thank you for this inspiring post...most of us are lucky when we compare ourselves to others who have no homes, no legs, no loved ones, etc. i complain as well, so please don't feel alone...:) your doggie is so cute!

  3. LOL Cat, You still crack me up with your wry sense of humor. Eggscellent post by the way. :O) Mal

  4. Pollyanna really gets short shrift from most people. Her idea, taught to her by her father, was to do just what you did, not say there is no bad, but try to see the good side of most happenings. In other words, to have perspective.

    Excellent post!

  5. wonderful reminders to enjoy the hand your dealt! i may only have three of a kind, but at least i'm in the game. ;o)


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