Thursday, April 21, 2011

Red Roving, Red Roving...

Roving I have carded, started to spin, to make a "Knitting" messenger bag.
The mask?  Because I thought it is pretty.  (Buc is jealous...)


  1. The mask looks great with that, did you dye it or it that the natural color?

  2. I actually bought it from a gent at the last ren faire, I believe it's a combination of paint and glitter, (which must have been interesting to work with...)


  3. You know what, I think my brain is fried. I believe you are talking about the fiber.

    AHEM. The FIBER is dyed, it is a wool, (don't remember what kind, dyed red, with a little purple and a tiny tiny bit of yellow, I received it from a lady who bought it at Woodland Woolworks some time ago.

    Cat, who needs to go to bed...

  4. It is good to know about the mask as was a good purchase from the Rem Fair though.

    I thought that maybe one of the Llama's may have had red fiber.

  5. Well-it's very interesting all round!! fiber and mask-good combo!!

  6. How gorgeous! I'm still not adept at using my hand carders, but I hope someday to be better! I wish drum carders weren't so expensive! :P

  7. Don't forget the pic of the finished product. It will be worth seeing.


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