Friday, April 22, 2011

Shiny new doctor gets to keep his shine!

Had my appointment today.  Actually, both Husband and I. 

Doctor was pleased with my weight loss, (I showed him the blog info where I was recording it weekly).  He said no, that you really can't convert fat to muscle that fast, the weight gain was most likely salt... (In short, I need to lay off the soy sauce.  *sigh*)  He also recommended that I eat more, as I call it, monkey food, veggies and fruit, and lay off the cookies.  (How'd he know about the cookies?)  Bless his heart, Husband was in with me, and told the doctor I was "a real trooper" about working on losing weight.  It's nice having someone watching your back... Heh.  Doctor was also impressed with my walking schedule, (GRIN!), and said that it's just a long process, (although he kept calling what I did dieting. I am trying to make sustainable changes, not just diet...)

But, hey, he isn't griping, like Dr. Horse's Ass did.  No, I didn't call him that to his face.  Yes, I wanted to. 

He then checked my ankle.  It has been sore, and in BACK, rather than on top of the foot. 

Oh, joy, I have yet something new and interesting... Bursitis where the tendon ends.  He recommended some home type remedies for my ankle, and Husband's thumb (he has the start of it, but it's what would be called 'Trigger Finger', excepting, of course, it's in his thumb.  So we will be doing icing up of joints and taking ibupropheny stuff.) 


(If anyone's counting, I now have arthritis in both ankles, and bursitis in the left one.  Ironically, the walking IS helping, the weight coming off, and the loosing and warming of the joints.  I would still rather it wasn't there at all, however...) 

The only bad think was that to check it, he had to poke around the ankle and see where it did, and did not hurt.  This was not fun, I thought I was going to wet the table when he pushed on it the first time, then he kept moving about, poke, poke, PAIN, poke, poke, poke, poke, PAIN.  This went on until I was going to kick him in the teeth, ask him to stop, when he said he had it narrowed down to that area.  THANK G*D!

So, I am good for another year, and we shall see what new and interesting things become of me by the time I see him again! 


  1. Congrats! I bet by next year you'll be dancing in there nearly pain free. :)
    I, too, hate the word *diet*..we made food and exercise changes!

  2. I am so glad you had a fairly positive doctor's can be so important the way they present their bedside manners...I had the worst and I had the best...and it's always much more pleasant to have the later.

  3. Glad your appointment went well - well, except for the ankle. Ouch! And to think I've been whining about newly diagnosed arthritis at the base of my thumb. It has only hurt for a year.... thought it was about time to get it checked out!

  4. A good doctor can make the pain worthwhile. (OK, maybe just more tolerable than with a bad doctor.)

  5. You need to go swimming! That will help a LOT on your ankles!

    Thanks and i hope the hurting slows down!
    Have a wonderful Easter

  6. By next year, you will have walked in those boots and be planning the Alaska trip!

    Glad this doctor is a good one.

  7. You are so lucky to only have to go once a year! Glad you got that out of the way!

    Sorry I have been mostly a no-show. Miss you!


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