Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where am I today? When? Writing. And... WIN!

So.  Um. 

I haven't been leaving too many replies on too many blog posts of late. 

There is a reason for that.  I haven't been reading them.  Much. 

It helps when you are in front of the computer for more than a few minutes at a stretch.  I haven't been.  I wish I could say, oh, I have been doing all of this wonderful, exciting 'stuff', but really, I have just managed to have a very busy couple of weeks catching up and getting the oh, so exciting housework, and (be still my heart) shopping.


Husband always talks of how I must love shopping 'cuz I do it so much. Yeah, hon, lugging 3 gallons of milk to the truck is just a thrill you can't describe...

I am at "work" today, and thus far I am just flying the desk, so to speak, so I have some time to write up a blog, and perhaps check OTHER blogs.  Concept time!

I will be going to a meeting tonight, (this would be more accurately filed under V for volunteer, but...), I have been invited to become an Ambassador for the Sheriff's Office. I will be giving presentations once in a while, and other sorts of things.  I will find out more tonight, I guess.  I am not adding that much more to my volunteer things, in this case, since this is more 'event' oriented, rather than 'thou shalt be here x amount of times per month' oriented.  I might be taking a sabbatical from one of my volunteer things next year, depending on how things go, so I am trying to plan not making myself crazy(er).

Trying to figure time to get my seeds in my greenhouse (as well as getting the green house UP).  I finally have all the associated parts to get started, now I just need to make some time to do so.  This could get creative, in the next couple weeks, my Auntie G is up from Arizona.  I have not seen her in about 8- 10 years.  I think I can give her priority...

My In-Laws want us to visit their new house.  I am not sure WHY we absolutely MUST visit this week, but I have been outvoted, and am going.  (I think they want help with moving.  Reminds me of the bumper sticker. "Yes, I have a truck. No, I will not help you move.") 

Had an interesting incident the other day, to do with my writing.  One of the deputies, (now a detective), that I have talked to about my writing, (and I only get to see this guy about once or twice a year, as he is stationed on the other side of the county), asked me how my book was coming along.  Well, I didn't have much to tell him, except that I had written a little, and that I was studying, researching, and eavesdropping.  He especially approved of the last one.  (grin)

But this got me to thinking.  I need to put some sort of gauge on the blog, like I have for the poundage.  If I have it where everyone can see it, it's not so easy to put on the back burner.  I have indeed been doing lots of note taking, ideas, and putting together plot lines, but that isn't getting the actual text written.  So, if I can come up with some sort of similar gauge, it will occur on the right (almost put write), or on the bottom of the blog. 

(Any ideas for a gauge welcome...)

Oh, and note on writing, for anyone paying attention to the the blog roll on the side, I have (I hope!) figured out how to sort out and 'clean up' the thing so it will give me the more current blog entries.  IF your blog is removed, and you don't hear from me, please don't get angry, just write me a note, (email: rencatus AT yahoo DOT com) and gimme heck.  I will put you back on.  I am nothing if not klutzy, when it comes to computer switcho change-os...  So far, however, I think I have managed to not lose anyone, just moved them to the blog roll on the dashboard. 

And, finally, the shiny new doctor was indeed right.  Salt, the temptation of me.  I managed to have Auntie Flo show up a week early (!!), and the salt didn't help.  I decided to try my level best not to eat any salt this week, as well as upping the water intake.

Then I stepped on the scale.  Yesssssssss! I lost 1.4 pounds.  So, the salt vampire has left the building, for now, and will work on not having it return. 

Now on to everyone else's blogs!

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  1. Hooray for shiny new doctor and losing the salt weight!

    Of course they want you to visit for a specific reason. That's what family is for, so you can continue to have relatives to complain about like everyone else.

    The only way i know to measure how much you have written is with pages or words or amount of time spent at the desk writing. You might pick one of those to keep track of.

    Hope you enjoy the Ambassador position.


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