Thursday, April 28, 2011

X cup. (Cue spooky music.)

This is a cup that has followed me around to a few dwellings, from apartment, to house, to boat, and to house again.  Good, sturdy cup, with a 12 ounce holding capacity.

Please note the large X.  I found out one should not place this cup in the microwave.  The large X is sort of crackly looking and not as glossy as it once was...

I heated up some tea water.  Suddenly, the X started throwing bright blue arcs from the surface to the top of the microwave. 

This is a most excellent way of challenging your vocabulary, to come up with just the right panicked swear words, while hitting almost every button on the front of the microwave.  It's also guaranteed to make Husband run into the room, wondering if you had managed to cut off an arm, or something equally disastrous. 

He will then scowl, and give you a minor lecture on the fact that if it looks like metal, it is most probably a good idea not to put it in the microwave.  He will then check the microwave to see if it still works.  It does.

(But to this day, I wish I had a photo of the arcs coming off of the cup, it would have been sooo cool for my inner geek.  I mean, it IS an X Files cup...) 


  1. Hey I'm with you-rather then him!! would prefer to have a photo of the arcs coming off the cup!!

  2. Those would have been amazing photos! :D
    Of course, explaining to the husband why you were taking photos while the mircowave burst into flames...difficult.

  3. Agree with Samantha...hard to explain to the husband. But what a great photo it would have been for all of us photo geeks right?

  4. Next time, pull the plug on the microwave. If you decide to have a next time with the camera ready, of course.

    Don't tell your husband i gave you the idea.

    (Note: the captcha word is cough! LOL)


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