Friday, April 29, 2011

Young birds? Maybe??

We shall see. 

I now have 10 eggs, sitting quietly in a nest box, waiting for one of my Rhode Island Reds to get broody, and FINISH THE JOB.  I am beginning to wonder if I should just bite the proverbial bullet and get an incubator, it would certainly save this continual battle.  If it's one of the little jungle birds, I was having those show up randomly, poof, instant family.  (Ok, they used to.  Since most of them are about 7 or so, they aren't laying eggs, ergo they aren't magically showing up with chicks.)  These birds... No doing, I save out eggs for them, and the hens just look at me.  *sigh*

I read that one of the local feed stores will continue to have chicks until May 25. I may hedge my bets and get 5 or 6.  If the eggs don't end up being helped along by a hen, I would still have chicks.  If they do, I would have some older, and some younger chicks, which might be good, too.

I have put a small X on each egg (I know, should have been a small Y today, oopsie), so I know for sure that there isn't someone laying extras in that nest. I had a hen that was tiny, she ended up sitting on something on the order of 22 eggs.  Several didn't hatch, obviously.  When you have a 5 egg butt, you can't set 22 eggs...  She was very persistent, and I let her try.  I was sooo careful throwing the eggs away when she finished though.  One of my friend's sons asked if he could have the eggs, I told him I knew which teacher he didn't like, so no.  (He blushed scarlet after that remark...)

So, we shall see if the wedding day for a certain couple will bode well for baby chicks.  I would even gladly fly the Union Jack over the nest, if it would help.  (Knowing my chickens, they would think it was a "feed me" sign...)

Here's hoping that I will have a bigger flock soon...

And this, just because I thought I took a fairly decent picture...


  1. You took a beautiful picture.

    As for chickens, they are like all animals and think everything means food. After all, what else matters in life?

    Hope you do have young birds, no matter how you get them, very soon.

  2. I know the waiting part is the hardest and some of my rir hens do not ever get broody! I have one rir chick and 6 banty chicks because my Ms. Bea does an awesome job of hatching and rearing her clutch. Good the mountain picture.

  3. First picture I have ever seen of your flock! I hope you get lucky with the eggs.

    Maybe with the "Z" you could go with a zoo and let us see all your animals - I missed your llamas at "L" too!

  4. Good luck with the eggs. Cindy from A little farm with a big heart, has a chicken called Little Inger, named after me, and I just found out she is sitting on 18 eggs now. She was so persistent last year too and such a wonderful mom that I wonder if it is just something some have and others don't. I know nothing about chickens myself. But I do know a great photo when I see one and you got one there.--Inger

  5. Lovely image. Good luck with the eggs!


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