Monday, May 02, 2011

Ahem. I did learn my alphabet... Present blog notwithstanding...

I realized that I didn't get my Z blog up on the 30th.  Or the 1st. Um.  Ok, today I get a Z on my blog.

Z.  Which I will say is the ZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOM sound as I miss the date of putting up the blog!

Why did I miss putting up the blog?  We went to my in-laws house.  That is a 4 hour trip to the house, 2-3 hours there, then about 3-4 hours home (we went a different way home, which was shorter, but we had dinner, which may have negated the difference.)  I think we got home about a half hour or so before I dropped into bed.

Why not yesterday, then?  Um.  Well, I forgot most of the morning.  When I finally remembered, I was deeply into a book, and... well, sorry blog friends, but when I am into a book, I lose track of time, and I read until I finished.  Which is pretty much when I went to bed... Again. 

I went to my yarn spinning class today, sans Mom, as my Auntie G is visiting, (I invited them.  My pickup holds three small people comfortably, if one wants to ride center.  None of us are wanting to ride center, and well, we aren't all real tiny, either.  So, I went solo this round.)

We were talking about sheep, as there had just been an Ag Fest, and one of the gals started talking about a company, I think it was SuperSires, that transports semen from prize sheep in other countries to the US, for improving bloodlines, or to have unique breeds bred here when there isn't enough diversity.  This was the serious part of the conversation. 

There is a... Man, I won't call him a gentleman, the rude poop.  He came up, and interrupted our conversation, asking the name of the company.  The gal told him, and he said, what do they work with?  Sheep?


Then he fairly bellowed at us, THEN IT'S NOT A SIRE, IT'S A RAM!!  We sort of looked at each other, trying to explain it was sire, as in the animal that gave the material, not the name of the male.  He didn't get it, and kept saying "NO, IT'S A RAM!"   I felt like ram, all right! Ram a yarn ball up his nose!

He finally got tired of annoying us, and we started to continue our talk about the company.  That's when we sort of went off the tracks...  One of the gals commented, Supersire... Wonder what he puts for his job on the business cards?  We all started laughing. 

Then someone else commented, just how do you get a sheep, uh... to DO that?  I laughed, and said, I don't know the exact method, but it uses an electrical something to get things going.  One of the other gals just roared, she said, I was thinking a sheep costume with whips and chains!  That made us all go into total hysterics for a bit...

Well, except for one gal, who I don't know if she has some problem, or doesn't "get" humor, or what, she didn't really laugh at any of our goofiness.  The first gal went on to ask how I knew it took electricity to make things happen.  I told her a combination of being a farm kid that had heard about it enough times, and watching CSI: .  She looked at me, guffawed, and said, I don't even think I want to KNOW why they mentioned it on THAT program.  (If you are interested, it was because they were stealing bull semen and selling it black market.) 

About this time, our humor impaired friend said, yes, that is one way, the other is an artificial vagina.  That was when everyone officially lost it, and one of the gals was laughing so hard she told us to stop or she'd wet herself.  That's when someone mentioned a blow up ewe for the ram, and well, it sort of went nuts from there.

We normally do not have this kind of conversation at spinning. 

Too bad...


  1. I remember that CSI episode! I also remember my City Boy husband being absolutely astounded at the idea of semen collection: "Can't they it naturally!?". hee!

  2. Blow up ewe! (snorts into coffee) Love it!

  3. Counting sheep for Z day?

    That conversation must have been hysterical, i'm almost in tears of laughter reading it.

    Bigger Girl works summers at a reproductive biology center for the university, and they have horses. They bring over the mares, and if none are willing, the stallion is led to the mounting dummy. Yes, when you think about it, it is a very funny process, collecting a sample from an animal.


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