Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Case of the Poultry Paparazzi...

Well, I haven't been able to comment on anyone else's blog, I am wondering if people are having problems with commenting on mine, as well.  I honestly have tried, several times, on several blogs, and it has me sign in, then it says I am writing anonymously, and then has me sign in again.  Over, and over, and OVER again...  So, I will keep trying.  *sigh*  I miss being a blabber mouth!


But, on to the main event.  I told you I would try and get some pics of the chicks.  Success!  Taurus was a very unhappy Mama while I was doing this, I think the flash was spooking her.  The babies just looked around, they didn't seem like they were quite as bothered by the light.  But I never could get all six.  There ARE six.  I counted, Husband counted, there are six.  So, we shall see in the future how many are what sex, but right now, we have healthy baby birds.  And one majorly protective Mom.

Sorry about the chain link, keeps the other chickens out...

They look like reddish cotton balls with feet,
and move like they are on wheels!

So, as time goes on, I will regale you with more chickeny stuff, but that's what I could get that was in focus, and didn't have Taurus trying to attack the camera (!)...


  1. Try going into your Internet options and deleting your history, cache, and cookies. Sometimes that does the trick.

    They are absolutely adorable!

    Cat, I had to clear my cache to fix the Blogger comments. I dumped everything and now it all works!

  3. so cuuuuuute! i would so love to hold one of those reddish cotton balls. taurus needs to learn to share...

  4. Chicks are so high on the cute meter!

    My sympathy on the not being able to respond. My responses will be hit or miss, also, while we wait to see if my computer comes out of intensive care.

  5. haha they really look like little cotton balls on feet!!!

    very very cute!

  6. They are so cute - they do look like little cotton balls!

    I also had to clear the cache to be able to comment on other's blogs. I totally understand your frustration!

  7. I've had trouble too commenting on blogs....ahhhh love your chick pics...its so hard to try to count them! Just moved 23 outside to the to deeeeeeep clean the tub! How in the heck could they get poop on the ceiling is beyond me, lol guess that was too much info huh?

  8. I was also going to say, "Delete your cookies cookies cookies..." Blogger gets funny for me sometimes too, but I still prefer it to Wordpress.

    Hooray!!! Chickie success! And even better that she's such a protective mama. Awesome.

  9. Nope, your next post was a fizzle. :(


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