Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch as Cat can...

Just checked on some llamas.  Husband asked when we might be getting them. 

Um.  Well, of course, the first part is getting the person to call back.  After that, how about...

Well, how about Monday... No, that won't work for me.  Tuesday?  Husband had something then.  I have Substation duties on Wednesday and Thursday...

Well, do you think they will think I am a flake, for needing to wait almost a work week?   This goes for Blogging, too, since if I am gone, I can't access the ol' computer...

Yoiks.  But, on the bright side, I have been downloading information from the local extension agency, and hopefully will find out tomorrow (or soon, at any rate), what the spike-ity bushes are.  I suspect gooseberry. 

I am recovering from... Yes, from overdoing it. 


And now, reading the information on Scotch Broom, it might be for naught, because they can recover if you cut them down when it's wet.  And well, it's raining again... And the ground was soggy to begin with.  I may just start marking the little stinkers with lumber tape, and wait until it gets good and hot, then take them down!

Hot. Oh. Yuck...  But it needs to be done.  Wonder if I can find some kids desperate for summer money.


But not until next week.  So, if I am not blogging much, I will, however, be trying to stop by and say hi to my blogger buddies!


  1. Hope you do get the new llamas, if you really want them, and that your current crew doesn't take it personally that you want more.

    We are fighting the battle of the weeds here, and the weed is poison ivy, which all of us react very badly to. So you have my sympathy with the Scotch Broom. May it be just hot enough to pull, but not hot enough to do you in, very soon.

  2. I can't imagine anyone would think you were a flake for needing to wait..people are busy!
    Fingers still crossed for gooseberries.

  3. Sounds like you have a busy week - I can't wait to hear more about the llamas. I didn't know you were looking. Oh, maybe you weren't? ;-)

  4. i'm unfamiliar with scotch broom (here in wisconsin) so i had to look it up. it sure is an attractive nuisance. i've already spent too many hours this spring battling garlic mustard that's been creeping into the lawn from the woods. arg!

  5. Ah, weeds. The continuing struggle. Good luck.

  6. Ooooh - more llama photos!

    I know you posted a comment on my last blog, but I think Blogger gobbled it down like a protein shake. I did read your comment and just wanted to say thanks and no I did not delete it!


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