Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hoping for the best! Stayonstayonstayon...

If you will note, I haven't blogged since Sunday.  I have had some computer problems since then.  Scratch that, it technically wasn't my computer, but the Internet provider thingy.  Let's just say, I would get on the 'net, start to do something, ka-WHOMP, no speed.  I mean, dial up would have SMOKED the thing.  Which of course, when trying to put large files like pictures on, just don't work.  So, other than a couple light hearted instant messaging chats with a friend a day or two ago, for the 20 minutes it was working, pbbt.  I came back, though, oh, I will do x and x, and blog... And couldn't even get on my homepage! 

Now I realize that not everyone is waiting breathlessly for every missive I jot down (Hi, Mom...), but it's still nice when I can actually write the missives, and read OTHER PEOPLE'S missives!  Which I wasn't able to do either...  So, in short, I am hoping that they have solved the slug slime slow computer speeds, and I can start to catch up on my blogatating...

I didn't go to the substation for my usual dose of deputy chat 'n stuff.  My Auntie G, who was here for 2 weeks, was flying home today, and so I took the day off to go and see her off and away.  I think it was nice of her new husband to give her a trip up here to see her sis, and I was able to see some of her hobbies.  She makes jewelry (try and get a pic up soon of a bracelet she made me).

She came over and saw the place, Rudee let me know he wanted to be her best friend.  I think most of the county probably suspected he wanted out, to be her best friend.  I hope she's able to come back to visit soon.  (Hey, Auntie G, if I put Mountain Dew in the fridge, you will visit, right???)

In other news, the good, the bad, and the huh?

The good news, Taurus is still setting.  The boys aren't happy with this.  Taurus does not give a fig what the boys think...  (Good for Taurus!)

My nest. My eggs. Leave me alone!

The bad news, I have a lot of weed cutting to do.  See these lovely yellow flowers?  They are on the plant called Scotch Broom here.  This is an extremely invasive plant, and we had let it go last year. 

NOT a good plan. 

I am hoping to get out and start cutting down these this week, as it is much easier to find with all the little yellow beacons, and it's supposed to be dry, more or less, the next few days.  (I really wish I had goats...)

This next item is the huh?  I took a picture of one that is by the fence line.  I thought, oh, no, another invasive.  But, after doing some looking, I am thinking, hoping, (and going to check at the extension office)...
It might be gooseberry!  I found out that gooseberries are native, so that's a plus.

This is a close up of the leaves.  It is sure a thorny old thing, though.  I had wondered why such a succulent looking plant wasn't eaten by deer/cows/horses, but don't think they want to mess with the long spikes on it.  I have read that gooseberries have lots of thorns, like blackberry bushes, so I will have to find out if I am on the right track.  It would be nice to have a little variety in the berries 'round here!

So, another day in the never ending cycle of hmmm, what's that thing in the backyard? 


  1. i just posted a "what is this thing?" as well. i'm perfectly happy with it being there however.

    is your interweb wireless? that's where many of my troubles lay. my laptop will be spinning, so i go to my old mac tower, plugged directly into the modem, and all is well...except it's bogged down with crap and generally 50% slower. ;o)

    ...that's a fine looking chicken, btw.

  2. Aren't visits from far away relatives fun? We don't get to see ours often enough, that is for sure.

    Glad you are back on line, hope that is gooseberry, and hope you get the Scotch Broom gone quickly.

  3. Gooseberries are evil (but delicious)..fingers crossed thats what you have!


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