Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grrroooooaaaan! What did I do NOW???

So, perhaps you have noticed I haven't been on of late much.  Read, no blogs for a while.  Well, I took the advice of all of you that said I should "empty my cache", and I asked Husband how to do that. (Right after I asked him what it was, but I digress...)  So, he explained, and I emptied. 

I think I emptied the whole d*** computer!  I don't know what happened after I did that, but NOTHING would work right, I couldn't get my email, I couldn't log in to my own Blogger account, I had a horrible time getting on the Internet (unless I used Google Chrome... ???  And that was iffy), so I was busy the last little bit trying to get my poor bucket o' bits back to (some sort of) normal.  I have my mail back up, I am now working on Blogger, so if you are reading this, I hopefully solved part of the problem, at any rate, I was able to sign in and save my blog. 

Then I will hopefully be able to comment on everyone's blog again, which was the POINT of the exercise!  (eye roll inserted here!)

Unfortunately, this is where Husband's starting to make noises about me getting a new computer.  I am hoping that isn't going to be the case.  I like this computer, and what I am saving for at the moment is for a shelter for critters, not bits and bites storage.  But, as we all know, we make plans and the Universe holds its sides laughing...

The chicks are doing well, Husband put a big ol' block in front of the door of the hen house, so they won't run outside without Mom.  We have a stray cat here now... I seem to have the Devil's own luck with felines around here.  However, said feline hasn't strayed into the hen house, and I have a feeling, if Taurus would get a hold of him, he would be short one tail, and maybe 2 lives, so I am not really concerned.


I got out the scythe, and cut some of the jungle tall grass in the garden area.  It's down enough that maybe I can get out the weed burner and take care of the rest of it...  Right now though, I don't think even THAT super torch will do too much, it is June 1st tomorrow, and it is 50-60's, and raining.  This area, that is SPRING weather. Early spring.  I still have all of my plants in the greenhouse.  I am afraid if I plant them, they will just rot!  Weather is amazing...

I have been getting set up with what things I will be doing as a Sheriff's Office Ambassador, and I think I mentioned one will be fishing.  I guess they have a group thing called Cast with a Cop.  Children who are in foster care, and have never fished, get to go out and have a fishing day.  We help with the worm insertion on the hook (or whatever they will use), and we get to clean fish for the kids.  (Or, I suppose, release, if they don't want to keep said fish.)  So, I am wondering, I am supposed to be in "uniform" for this.  Do you think they will supply an apron or some such so I won't manage to get fishy goo on my clothes?  Let's just say, I would like to have my outfit not have Ode du Fishgut as the leading smell...

I thought I would be fishing twice (!), the second, however, would be more on the order of handing out safety info to people.  That seems like it would be fun in its own way.  People watching is a cool sport, in and of itself.  And I guess there is several other events that I might be helping with, as time goes on.  So, I guess I will tell you more... As time goes on!

Have to share, I was at the substation, and one of the deputies, a Sgt., who always tries to be big ol' cop guy, had a visitor.  It was his 2 year old grandson.  I told him who was there, and he walks out all big ol' cop, then sees grandson. 

He leans way over, makes a big kissy face, and says, "How's my Booboo?!!??!?"  He then scoops up said grandson for the 'grand tour' of the office, which for some strange reason, stopped immediately upon sighting of cookies...  After a cookie break, Grandpa gave grandson a whistle.  Mom decided whistle was going into HER pocket, so there would be no surprise blasts in the car. 

Meanwhile, Grandpa was chatting away, holding grandson up on his chest.  Grandson discovered Grandpa's microphone on his shoulder.  This lead to some exceedinly dextorous moves by Grandpa to nearly simultaniously: turn off the radio, take the mike from grandson, and scoot him out of arm's reach of same, all while asking if he'd give Grandpa a kiss.  (Grandson did...)

After they'd left, I noticed that Sgt. was sort of a cross between big ol' cop and goofy Grandpa.  (But he did remember to turn his radio back on...)  It's fun to see when the guys there can slip into just "people" mode.

Especially when there are little ones involved, since it usually makes the biggest and baddest into the fluffiest and goofiest!


  1. Hey so glad to see you again!! Computers are wonderful and horrible??!! But we have to put up with the pains to enjoy keeping in touch and order niceties!! Good luck getting everything back on board!! Gotta love spring --even spring rain--sometimes!!

  2. My dad, an ob/gyn, used to say that it was only the big, tough looking guys who would pass out in the delivery room, too.

    Hope you enjoy the fishing, and get your computer running to specs again soon.

  3. sorry to hear about your computer issues. it always takes four times longer to fix them than you figure it will.

    have fun fishing! bet the kids love it! i certainly wouldn't wear a uniform. i'd probably hook a badge and cast it out into the lake. ;o)

  4. Oh man!! I crashed my hard drive recently!!! Luckily, I had backed up my photos, but not my music!!! So, I totally feel your pain! But I am glad your back!!

  5. Good to see you!
    We had a huge mountain of a State Trooper cooing over our dogs last week. FUNNY!

  6. Hello I wanted to check out any blog that had a cool title like yours.
    Sorry about the computer problems, I am working with a 10 yr old computer hoping I don't need to buy a new one even though I would like one.
    I would love to go fishing. I will be back. Have fun fishing. B


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