Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back again, this time it's not the computer...

I haven't blogged for a few days, because I have been wandering.  I couldn't find a cafe' or some such where I was, lots of hot spots for wifi, but I didn't have my computer with me, so no dice.  I should write to the chamber of commerce in Seaside and ask... Hmmm. 

So, since I know all of you are just waiting, with popcorn in hand, for my latest exploits in Ham Fair Land...  Except I didn't take any pictures INSIDE, of the HAM stuff!  So, you get to see the knitting and seascape exploits, instead.  (I will probably put a few more of the seascape stuff up later, just a few today...)

Lewis and Clark used to be the big stand outs (literally and figuratively) at the Turnaround (there is a street that circles the statue, so you can go up and look at it), but now with all the high rise buildings, they sort of look... lost. 

"Lewis, where was the fudge place again?"

"Uh...  Ask Sacajawea, I have no clue..."

The dog at their feet even looks depressed.

So, I decided to brighten the day with hand knits for Clark's feet. (Least I think that was Clark...)  Mom said that a woman was watching me intently.

I have that "Spook the Muggles" effect when I do this each year.  Oh, well.  I have started a silly little tradition, and I get a kick out of it. 

(Which probably doesn't take all that much, come to think of it...)

The hand to the side is my sock holder model, aka Mom.  The sock was NOT going to stay put, otherwise. 

Next year, tape. 

Proof that Oregon does get sunny weather!  Of course, it was one day, but lots of people were making the most they could out of it. (Some pretty vicious volleyball games!)

And after a hard day of making sandcastles, walking on the beach, and seeing what the tide brought in, one has to clean up properly... (Husband and I have to put Rudee in a headlock to accomplish this... Kids seem a lot less problematic, in this respect.)

Dad realized this 'finial' wasn't a design element, but a resting spot.  We just hoped the flag was okay, after take off... Eeeeeewwww...

This is my favorite critter on the merry go round, for any of you that read I can has cheezburger, I have nick- named him "Basement Cat".

Basement Cat has had a very hard life.  I keep thinking I should bring a knitted something, like a baby cap up and take a photo.  Have to hurry, though, they buzz people in and out of the thing to get as many rides in as possible in a day...

And I don't know how many of you read the signs at rest stops, but they have these readers at most of the rest stops in Oregon.  I thought they were interesting, I hope you do, too.  (Enlarge pics, if you can't read them well...)

So, that is it for today's picture-y blog, hopefully I will get a blog or two more this week (with chicks!)


  1. No popcorn, but cheese on wheat crackers and Cali strawberries. Thanks for sharing and oh so glad the weather was beautiful.

  2. Looks like you are busy having fun! I hope it's not real hot out there!

  3. Oh I found the rest stop signs fascinating history. I am glad you had a good time. Love the socks. B

  4. Glad you took us along on the trip! Nice socks, and make hay while the sun shines.

  5. fudge. heh, heh...

  6. I just cracked UP over the socks..and fudge.


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