Friday, July 22, 2011

Casanova's haircut and pedicure, transgender chickens, and guessing games.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I had to re-arrange the schedule a bit, since Husband has been swamped with work, but he and I will be doing toenail trims on all the llamas, and shearing Lorenzo.  The new girls don't have long enough hair for it to be worth shearing, and I am not shearing Llama, as she is getting quite old, and seems to need her hair for keeping HER warm.  And I also don't want to stress her any more than I have to.

Oh, why did I mention Casanova?

Wellll, we were in the garage, and Husband heard this noise.  I suspected what it was, but we walked out and looked out in the pasture.  Annie and Lorenzo were enjoying each other's company, in the biblical sense.  (Poor Lorenzo, Toni was having a fit, and spitting at him vehemently, so he was being heavily chastised for enjoying himself.  He just turned away from Toni and went back to enjoying himself.  Annie seemed to have no opinion on the matter.)  This went on randomly for a day or so, then Annie decided she'd had enough, and ran him off.

The next day, we heard Lorenzo again.  Looking out the window, we realized, he was enjoying himself with Dolly!  (And Toni still didn't approve.  Toni seems to be a bit of a prude...)  So, we have been having random llama p0rn the last few days.  I wonder if it's giving the roosters ideas...

Speaking of roosters, we also have been having 3 birds crowing in the morning.  We have 2 roosters.  One little black hen has decided she is going to crow, and no one is going to stop her. (If I can get my camera to do the record thing, I will try and put it on the blog later.)  She started a few weeks ago.  Now, if there is no rooster around, one hen will sometimes crow, and sort of take over as a lead bird.  I reiterate, I have TWO roosters.  And they didn't like her deciding to crow.  They pounced on her, hit her with wings and feet, plucked feathers, what ever those little shelled pea sized brains could come up with to get her to stop.

She just got mad, fought back, and crowed as she ran away.

The roosters have now come to the conclusion that she is not going to stop crowing.  They have now switched to the method of dealing with her that my family refers to as "high ignore".  If they don't pay attention to her, she isn't a problem.  And she just walks around, clucking happily, catching the occasional bug, laying the occasional egg.

And crowing.

(You go girl!)  :)

My birthday is Sunday.  I don't know what to wish for with the old birthday cake, but I will think of something, I am sure.  I have had a few people ask me how old I am.  I will say to all of you that are curious, I was born in '67.  You do the math.

This isn't to be rude, quite frankly, more often than not, I have to do the math myself, because I can't remember.  This is why, unlike a friend or two of mine, the big 4-0 was a big woo-pee.  When I wake up some days feeling like I'm 17, and others like I am 89, the actual number doesn't mean all that much.

So, everyone gets a slice of virtual birthday cake from me, and may you all have a wonderful day.  I will probably be recovering from dealing with 20 llama toes.  And one horny llama haircut.  (Photos only if I can manage it...)

And listening to 3 crowing birds...

(Oh, and since a few people asked, the stuff I take now is Aleve.  I have found it works great for me, however YMMV...)


  1. Gee, that sounds like fun, cleaning out the llama's toes (not).

    Hmm, maybe the hen is a rooster in a hen's body ;-)

    Have a great birthday!

  2. That is hilarious. And go you good little black hen!

    Oh, and happy birthday for Sunday.

  3. What, no pictures??? :)

    Illicit llama sex AND poultry domestic violence. You have a fascinating life!

  4. Have a very Happy Birthday, among all of the noise and confusion in your life right now, youngster.

  5. Happy Birthday you are a youngin'. Have a good one. B

  6. Happy Birthday - and thanks for the virtual cake - yum! My favorite! All the pleasure and no guilt, whatsoever!

    I laughed at the 'you do the math' comment. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! You'd think it would be a detail I could remember, since I have a whole year to be that old... but sadly, I often have to resort to some quick mental math!

    Happy Llama toe trimming!

    Oh, our neighbors had two crowing hens! They weren't as loud as the boys (who were quickly dispatched as covenants say no chickens) but I could hear them at my place - and loved their feeble attempts at crowing!

  7. Oh Happy Birthday! We had a cross over hen; she was quite the mess but, loved her to pieces. Crow away litte girl, Crow away!

    Take care,

  8. Two French hens, and a partridge...oops, wrong set of critters!

    Happy Birthday! Tell people that you are celebrating the 15th anniversary of your 29th birthday. That will both amuse and confuse them, and they still have to do the math.:)

    Growing up on a farm does have its educational benefits. Wonder if the girls will be as enamored with their guy once he is sheared?

  9. Sharon:

    Surprisingly, not too bad, I had to have help, as I found out they have to have something to lean on, i.e., a knee. I don't have a kneecap on one side, so it became a bit that Husband had to help with. Next year, I will get/make a farrier's support. (Basically a jack with a v shaped top to put the leg in.)


  10. Judith:

    She does! Crows as loud as the boys do, and often earlier in the morning!


  11. Danielle:

    Uh. Well, I suppose, if we hadn't been watching the peep show, I would have thought to take pictures... (cough... grin.)


  12. Louise:

    Isn't there a poem about babies being in blooming, buzzing confusion, or somesuch? Sounds like I haven't grown up much, then. :)


  13. Buttons (And everyone else!)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!


  14. Dreaming:

    Yep, more imagination, less calories...

    English, not math is my long suite, so I figure I should have a snappy comeback, if I can't work out the age of me!

    I am still hoping that I will get to record the hen, she is as loud as the boys, nearly so, any way...


  15. Nekkid Chicken:

    Yes, I hope she just keeps on crowing her little lungs out.


  16. messymimi:

    Oh, no, song stuck in head! Ack!! ;) 15th of 29? I sound like a Borg from Star Trek!

    And for a bit, they seem to not recognize him, I don't think he cares...


  17. My gelding llama sometimes tries to sneak a little lovin' from my female llama. He always gets spat upon. lol!

    Funny about your hen. She reminds me of Ayla from the book series "Clan of the Cave Bear".
    We have two polish hens that grew wicked long spurs. They don't crow, but maybe they are just cross-dressers?


  18. Laughing Orca Ranch:

    Well, he was spat upon once or twice, didn't seem to slow him down much.

    Hadn't thought of that character, but yes, it fits well, though!

    Cross dressers... ;D Luv it.



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