Monday, July 11, 2011

The computer is holding... (frantically knocking on wood...)  So, what have I been up to? 

Of late:

I quit one of my volunteer jobs, I am still in the group, just not in a leadership role.  I was finding it, sadly, a waste of time, doing studying and work for no good reason that I could see, and there was a very pointed personality conflict between myself and another person, so I decided, enough is more than enough, and left.  This also lead to my finally deleting my Facebook page, which on a scale of importance, I placed about two degrees above absolute zero. 

Well, maybe one...

But I am still there, but in a support position.  We shall see if this alleviates some of the antagonism between the two of us.  I figure, I still want to help, so if I am a "grunt", I can just show up, do, and leave, I don't have to argue about every little thing.  Might be a cop-out, but at least I won't be grinding my teeth to the roots...  Adding to that, a lot of the things I have to do for this group include computer work, and my computer chooses when to work...

It wasn't going well.

I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but I have a fairly nice garden growing.  With the exception of a mole/gopher that is going through the pumpkin area.  I am getting ready to do something highly lethal to this creature if it doesn't leave my plants alone.  On the bright side, I planted, and after some discussion with Husband (read: I am doing it this way, dammit), I just water the plants, not using a sprinkler, but the hose, and I am pleased to report at this time, I have very few weeds.  It's supposed to rain tonight or tomorrow, so I will probably have a sudden infestation, but at least I am holding my own, for now.

I lucked out and got some fresh hay for this season.  The hay that I had was getting a bit... old and losing the seed, and had mice in it, and and and... So I had planned on getting some new hay.  Well, Mom and Dad negotiated with a neighbor that wanted the hay they had standing, and they "sold" it for 20 bales for me.  I got fresh hay, they got hay for their horses (I think), and we all seem to be happy about it. I have one old bale left, and it will be put in the chicken house temporarily, as I have run out of cedar shavings.  It works, in a pinch... 

I am going to be trimming llama hooves this week, hopefully.  This could be an experience.  I haven't done this before, so, erk.  We shall see.  First time for everything I guess.  If it gets too extreme, I still have the name and phone number of the guy that sheared and trimmed for me last year.  (I will be shearing, too, but it might just be for the relief of the llama overheating.  I only have done a very little shearing, so getting nice fiber for my spinning might be a long shot for me...)  For the obvious reason I can't take pictures and shear, this will probably be a before and after deal.  Blogs as events warrant.

I have a lot to do around the house and place tomorrow, if I keep my brain somewhere close to actually being in the "on" position, maybe I will take the camera with me and get some pictures for the blog.  Hope springs ever eternal.  And maybe be able to peruse/comment on other blogs, for a change. 

Where have you heard THAT before??? 


  1. Doing volunteer work shouldn't be so stressful, especially if another volunteer is the stresser. I would also tell them to stuff it.

    Computers... preaching to the choir, Girl!

    Was it gophers that you could make them sick or die or something by giving them bubble gum? Or is that one of the urban legends? We had gopher traps, never caught a one. Then we got Yoda - bye-bye gophers, bye-bye moles! Yoda was a cat. Now we have Jill, she does a bang up job too!

  2. Yeh, I had to quit my volunteer work, too. Same thing, too much conflict and stress.

    I hear you on the watering. I'm doing the same thing, no sprinklers, just me and the hose. It works, and it saves water.

  3. My sympathy on the trouble with volunteering. The way some people react, you would think it was life and death, and it's just working for a common cause, it should be enjoyable.

    Facebook is above zero in importance?;)

    Glad for the garden and the hay, hope the weeds stay away and the mole finds a sudden reason to evacuate, and good luck on the hoof trimming.

  4. I'm glad you stepped down. That is entirely too much stress!

    So far, the wildlife is staying out of our garden. Not sure how long that will last.


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