Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hang on just a little longer...

Well, now that I have the cure for being able to write on my blog, and write comments on others' blogs...

My computer died.  

I believe this computer must be Hindu.  It keeps dying and coming back in a slightly different form each time.  (sigh)  So, right now, I have nursed it back to working again, for this short period, and will hopefully be able to get back on track for read/posting on blogs, as well as actually sitting down and writing my own!  I mean, I haven't written about the garden, about stepping down from one of my volunteer jobs, about... nothin'!  I really need to get going here on writing.

I have two cute things I will put down before I forget:

In the "I am so glad I am not the only one that does this" department, I was at the substation, and we happened to be talking about gardening, and what people had planted, how late the planting season was, and so on.  I mentioned that I had raised several plants from seed, and mentioned one of them being eggplant.

My boss piped up with "Oh?  You grew an eggplant from an egg?"

(She did quickly correct herself, but we all assured her that that phrasing was just hilarious.  I am sorely tempted to get an eggplant, and put it in an eggshell for her sometime!  )

Next incident, we had 4th of July dinner at Mom and Dad's.  Mom had several beverages at the table, including raspberry lemonade, and tea.  Dad looked at the tea, and the lemonade, and said, wonder what that would taste like?  Poured it about half and half, and I told him that would be an "Arnold Palmer" if it was regular lemonade.  I then thought about the pinkish color of the drink, and added, "I think that, however, might be 'Arnold Palmer in a Tutu'...

I have been reading several books, (TV is on the fritz, computer isn't far behind.  And people wonder why I don't care much for technology on occasion...), if you want to have a pretty good mystery read, I recommend Sue Henry.  I just read Murder on the Yukon Quest, and, like her other books, it was a story that goes from sedate to thrill ride in short order.  I wouldn't recommend this as a first book, although the books can be read as stand alone, she has a lot of  character background that would make more sense if you read them in order.

These aren't 'cozy' books, she has her main characters get hurt, and blood and gore, but not to the point of ridiculousness, but if someone is shot, she doesn't hide it under the rug, so to speak.  So, there is my 2 cent review.  I did read some others, but except for a cookie recipe that I want to try, I can't even remember the title at the moment, so I guess that I wouldn't call it a gripping novel... Cookie Murders, or something like that, it was definitely a 'cozy'.  Not that I don't like cozies, just some are... Not as thought provoking.

So, hopefully, I will be blogging and commenting more tomorrow! Or soon, anyway...

(I hope...)


  1. I'm with you, technology can be a pain in the neck. These fancy do-dads bring lots of advantages, but definitely cut us off when they go bad. Hope your problems are fixed soon. Hope you have some "scrambled eggplant" to eat soon.

  2. Technology is not for this old gal, almost (yes, almost) makes me wish I was back in the 1800s and none of this had not been thought up! Think I would want my microwave to go, back in time, with me.

  3. So, the next time someone mentions an eggplant, do i get to use my Gracie Allen voice to say, "Oh, is that the plant that grows from eggs?" ;)

    Hope the computer is risen soon.


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