Friday, July 15, 2011

Pictures, feelin' good, and just... on the go.

I have felt good, for a change.  The bright, shiny new doctor listened to me, made some suggestions, and I am taking a different over-the-counter med... And it works.  I have taken several meds, including several expensive prescription things, that didn't work.  My former doctor, (Husband has begged me to stop calling him Dr. Horse's Ass...), ahem, my FORMER doctor just would say I was fat, and write up something, I think just to be rid of me.  I know at least two of them didn't work at all.  Expensively didn't work at all.

But now, it's a... would it be an upward spiral?  I am feeling better, so I am able to do more, which helps me lose weight (more about that in a minute), and so I am feeling better yet.  Is this not a great thing?

For example, I could barely keep up with the weeding the last few years in my garden.  (Well, okay, it wasn't too hard to weed the year I had to have everything in planter pots, but that doesn't count...)  This year, since I have put the garden in, I have been able to get all the weeding done in about 2 days.  It's not perfect, and there is the occasional missed weed, and some grasses sneaking in after I am finished, but compared to years before, it's like a different person is dealing with it!  See???

I also was looking at my window boxes, I am trying to make them more year to year, I will add little bits as time goes on, to replace the things that die back, or that I bought that are just one year plants, but I thought that it seems to be doing well.  I did sort of expect the sweet potato vine to be a bit more... Well, vine-y... But I think it's filling in and looking pretty nice... Even if the snapdragons decided they were finished well before I thought they should be.  Poops.

The llamas are getting settled in, I am still not able to touch Annie without her getting panicky, which will be so fun soon, as we are getting ready to give everyone toe trims, and Lorenzo gets a shear...  But they are settling in.  

Boy, for some strange reason, they like me so much in the mornings when I am handing out food.  (They are finally putting on some weight.  They were very skinny when I received them, the only one not 'bulking up' is Annie, and I am giving her extra food.  She doesn't mind, and it keeps her out of everyone else's feed.  Annie and Lama are continuing the battle for Llama Alpha Female, so far Lama is the winner, ears down! And the occasional spitball...)  

It's hard to see, but this is Annie and Toni.  Dolly wasn't close enough to photograph under the tree.

I have been recording my weight every week, but haven't put it over to the right.  I just need to catch up, part of it was the computer having its 19th nervous breakdown. (hee)

But part of it, I had it on a paper, when I was at the 'cop shop', I didn't have the paper, and most of the time, when I was home, the computer didn't work.  So, as of Wednesday, I am down to 229.4.  I want to get back to where I was there at 226, but considering I have wavered as high as 234 one week (!!!!), I won't be too upset.  So, I am still working on losing the lard, just haven't been as blogity about it of late.

So, knock wood, the computer has been holding, I am going to start with a more regular blog, and maybe, perhaps, by some stroke of luck, the computer will keep the rubber on the road, so to speak...

Here's hoping for continued 'go' in computers, me, and life in general!


  1. can we say the Llamas are gaining what you're losing? Even if not, congrats on the loss.

    I like your flower that a snap dragon the end? Now, you have me getting the urge to finally replant the 2 houseplants I purchased a few months ago. I know those babes would be thankful for some breathing room in their pots...

    Happy Weekend.

  2. You're on a roll!
    Go, you!

    Love hearing about the llamas. I've always been a little freaked by idea why!
    Maybe I have subconscious llamatrauma. hehe.

  3. What OTC stuff did the New one suggest? I would love to feel better!

    Your real garden is looking good! Those flower boxes look good too!

    I weigh the same as I did 11 years ago - too much.

  4. You go girl! Good for you for seeing that the doctor that you were going to wasn't doing his job, and finding one who did.

  5. Keep up the great work! That's a great garden, and my inner child wants to stick out her tongue at the poopy snapdragons. Who needs 'em? ;)

    Doctors who don't listen, treat you with junk to be rid of you, and just can't grow a bedside manner deserve to be fired, and good for you for doing it.

    Keep us up on the llama drama -- who will win out? What does it take to be Alpha Female Llama? Spitting the furthest? These are things we with no llama experience want to know.

    Hope the computer continues to cooperate.

  6. best of luck with your weight loss. it's a tough hill to climb. all those fresh veggies should help, right? ha! (i know for me, nothing can replace chocolate!)

  7. Pretty window box flowers. I have been trying to grow snapdragons for FOREVER and mine never bloom, so they are poops too!

  8. Hi, stumbled (I do that across your blog, glad you are feeling better and are rid of Dr Horses Ass :), I think I went to his brother once. Your garden looks great!


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