Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I *am* getting there. Slowly.

Finally figured out how to upload a picture.  Why, you ask?  Not because I couldn't do it on the computer, this computer has the little spot for the flash/thumb/jump/whatever drive nearly hidden!  But, I found it, and so I can show you a collection of goodies I picked a couple days ago.

I have been picking fairly steadily, and in the case of the crookneck, I am now going to have to get on the stick and either eat, or preserve them.  And I am getting quite a few.  This is a great thing, to my mind, I adore crookneck.  I planted... I think... six plants, and babied them.  They are now turning into Crookneck trees!  I will have to get a picture of the one crazy plant that grew a vine straight up from the plant, and it now looks like a mutant banana tree or something.  Rather than the fruiting part on the ground, no, it's showing off, putting the stuff waaay up there!  (Which, I might add, makes it much nicer to pick!)

The tomatoes are finally starting to grow, without cracking...  It's dry enough here, finally, just horribly humid, to my mind.  Urg...
These are some walnuts.  I am seeing LOTS of walnuts this year, at least on one of the trees.  I hope desperately to have some for ME this year, (most years they are deer and squirrel food, not much bearing), and it looks promising.  The blackberries are luscious this year, I want to pick some for jam, juice, whatever.  Hey, it's a weed, and if I get some benefit, I will take it.  Rudee might disagree vociferously, however.  Poor dog, I threw him a RIPE blackberry once, thought he'd enjoy it.

If a dog could spit, he would had launched that thing...

In other news...

I hope all my blog friends on the other side of the US are okay.

 I was in an earthquake, in 1993, woke up to the central beam in our house swaying.  Husband?  Slept through it, until my nearly punching him senseless woke him up.  (I believe there was some screeching involved, as well.  Mostly mine.)

His response?  Bad dream, go back to sleep.  I did.

The next morning, we turned on the news to find out there was a huge (for us) earthquake, and they were giving info on things to check.

Bad dream, huh?  Hmph.

This is now a standing joke between the two of us.


I gave blood today, I am up to 6 gallons... And a quart.  (No comments on being a quart low, thanks...)


Saw most of the usual donors, but it was so cool, there was about 5 or 6 people that were 17ish, that showed up to give.  Nice to have new ones!  It took quite a while, as they were short handed today, I knit about not quite an inch on a sock, (generally I knit an inch an hour), while waiting to donate, normally it is NOT that much.  One poor man kept looking like I was going to impale him with my DPN's, geez, you'd wouldn't think it was such a big deal, we are going to donate blood... I don't even have that much "wing" motion when I knit, so I think he was just paranoid, personally.

Muggles. Pfft.


  1. yumm..garden treats look great!! My husband would have same reaction to a quake!!``it is a guy thing!! keep stitchin!!

  2. Nice that you are getting some veggies! Look good!

    Flash drive never worked on my comp, I seldom used my other one so didn't bother sending it back.

    What length DPN do you use? I used 4-6" sometimes 5, for making socks, never got a nasty look..... He probably was paranoid.

    I remember an earthquake in Montana, the street looked like it was undulating.... weird.

  3. Oh, the walnuts! I hope you get some for yourself this year, and I might be just a little jealous.

  4. We are getting some vege's too - but since we only have 1 tomato plant and 2 squash plants... uh, we are a bit limited. I'm jealous of yours!
    Hooray for you for donating. I have lost track of how much I've given - but I used to do it every time there was a blood drive in our town. I'll have to get back into the habit now that I'm near a town.
    Laughing at your paranoid man... I bet he was just scared of needles and hour knitting needles reminded him of the blood drawing needle that was to come!

  5. My hubby thought it was the dogs running thru the great room and i was sitting at work watching the plate glass windows shake and sway...crazy afternoon....all is well in NW North Carolina....]


  6. All is well in WV..we felt the tremor and things shook. Quite freaky!
    Good on you for donating blood :)

    Your garden haul looks fantastic.

  7. I hope you get your walnuts. I can't imagine just being able to go out and get them off the tree. Or, do you wait until they fall to the ground?

  8. Six gallons plus! As someone who wants to donate but can't, i thank you.

    Glad the squash are doing so well, and hope you get lots of berries and walnuts. Weeds indeed!

  9. i lived in so. cal. for a while and got quite used to earthquakes. the news there treats them like we treat thunderstorms here in the midwest. "that was a strong one, huh?"

    i thought your walnut was a pear tree at first! we have a pear and a walnut. now i have to go study the leaves 'cuz i didn't realize they looked that much alike.

  10. Thank you all for the nice comments on the garden goodies.

    Sharon: I am using 4 5 inch needles. I think he was just jumpy...

    I am glad to hear no major incidents with the quake.



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