Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Faire, mostly in pictures.

Feeling lazy, so I will share faire pictures with you.  I am nearly recovered... (It was nearly 100 degrees the first day, and even though I wear cotton peasant wear, I was really wiped out.  And that's not counting the set up, tear down, wear and tear, and general PITA stress.)

This gent was about 10 or so feet from the ground, and his tankard could easily have held a gallon or more.  He was fun to see walking around.  

This sweet young gal is quite inventive, she has a bubble blower nose! (Click to enlarge.)

Kiddo is enjoying her piggy back ride.  Dad is earning his "Daddy's Cool" stripes.  (This was on the aforementioned 100 degree day.)

Mary had a little... goat?  A gal from my spinning group, that brings goats and sheep to faire, she was watching the joust.  The livestock seemed unimpressed...

Just a general view of folke and visitors at faire.  The building with the steeple?  That is where I 'work', doing information, lost and found, and selling T-shirts and souvenirs. (And yes, I do believe that is bird doo on the steeple...)

Goat rides given to children at faire.  The gent in the coat? Yon Pooper Scooper.  (We found people weren't particularly excited about goat leavings on shoes.  Especially folks that come to faire not WEARING shoes...)

Some of the Nobles gracing a peasant with time and a kind word.  

Strangely, at the end of faire, there were sudden, 
highly localized ice storms right by the food vendors areas.  Strange...

Ok, this was just one of those "couldn't happen if I had tried it a dozen times" thing.
I tossed my staff to the side, by our camp table.  
It landed in such a way as to perfectly balance! 

(And if anyone is interested, I am now a Twit.  I have a Twitter account, but don't expect a lot.  I will still be writing my majority of blogging here.  I mostly did it because I read two or three peoples "tweets", and decided to see what the fuss was about.  I still think if it is Twitter, I must be a Twit...  Eh...  And with any luck, I will soon be blogging, and commenting on blogs, with a bit more regularity.)


  1. I was really impressed by your pictures, how very 'cool' although it was so hot! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, it looks so dry - you could do with some rain from the look of it. The sky is so clear and blue with a heat haze on the horizon. I can almost feel the heat from here!

  3. Looks like a great time!
    I am quite amused thinking of the goat pooper scooper.

  4. I love Ren faires and I think there is something that says if there is a Ren Faire, then it must be really hot. I can't recall any where I wasn't sweating!

    Hey, I'm a 'Twit' too! I joined Twitter when it first began to see what it was all about. In fact, my Twitter name is "Stillatwit"!!

  5. Had a nice reply all ready to go, and my computer froze up again. So let's see what i remember.

    Dave Ramsey also calls them Twits who Tweet. In fact, he calls himself the King Twit around his place.

    Love the way your stick landed, and that you took a pic.

    Read to Sweetie about Yon Pooper Scooper, and it started him off on a series of puns about being the butt of a joke, and got worse from there. At least it amused him thoroughly.

    Hope the event went really well and that the next one isn't so hot, weather wise.

  6. I really enjoyed the costumes of the faire. Thank you. B


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