Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Heading out, some pics.

Grumble.  I gained 2 pounds.  Okay, I need to deal with that this week.  Grr.

On to other topics.  I am going to my yearly Ren Faire biz, and I wear gloves, because construction is as much of the duties as walking about in funny clothes (so says Husband...).  I keep having a problem with people thinking my gloves are theirs, or vice versa, as plain white leather gloves seem very popular there.

So, I decided to jazz mine up a bit.  I have the sneaking suspicion they will be easier to track down now.  Husband and Mom both suggested paw prints on the back, but I haven't done so yet.  But I believe they will still work...

I put in a bunch of carrot seed, and I think the name of the one was Carnival.  I was thinning, and I think I remember why...
I guess there is also white and purple colored ones, but I have only come up with these.  The red is much, much more vibrant than shown.  More fire engine than beet.

Wanted to take a picture of Rudee.  He looked away just as I snapped the photo.  So, set up again...  (With his ears like that, I keep thinking... SUUUUPER DOOOG!)

And then he decided that he wanted to see what was in my hand, a treat, perhaps?  (You'd think after this many photos, he'd figure out the camera wasn't edible...)  Along with bumping my leg, which seemed to unfocus the situation...

But finally, I managed to get him to stay still, and a sharp whistle to get him to look, and ta da!  A good pic of the dog.  (Do need to edit it a smidge, I really don't think the trash bin does him justice, but oh, well...)  I sort of chuckle though, he has an odd expression, like he's expecting the cat to attack him or some such... Maybe it's just me.

So, hope my blog friends are all ok, I will hopefully be back blogging early next week.


  1. Cute gloves, easy to spot if somebody swipes - unless they take them home!

    Taking pictures of our pets can be hard sometimes, yep, he looks like he sees an alien or something in his peripheral that you can't see, hee hee! Cute!

  2. Love the gloves!
    The last picture of Rudee is funny. (Or should I say 'funnee'?!)
    He looks like a kid who doesn't know where to look while his picture is being taken!

  3. Cute and unique, and no one can claim, "I didn't know it was yours!"

    Love the colored carrots, and give the handsome Rudee a pat from me.

  4. lovely carrots! not that i'd eat them. (heh heh.)

    ...and rudee just needs himself a cape.

  5. Haha! My dog Raven looks away everytime I try to get a picture too! Those rascals!

    Way to lay claim to your gloves!


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