Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Motivation for next month's blogging... 26 days worth, anyway.

I did last year an "A through Z" blog.  I think I will try that again for next month.  It works out that you basically blog each day except Sunday.  I might have to work hard to do this, as next month sounds a little busy, but I need to really commit to writing again.

 Blog, book, what have you, I have not...  Not good.

Especially now with Baby Hal, it is much easier to do (most) things.  I still have some strange moments, like when B. Hal decided to increase the magnification on the screen to G*d knows how big (there was one or two HUGE letters on the screen, from a web page full of writing...), and also locking up the mouse once or twice, but that seems to have stopped for the most part.  I found out my rubber bracelet drives Hal nuts occasionally, the mouse reacts to the band much like my finger, for whatever reason, leading me to desperate clicks to find what I have accidentally brought up or removed.  Other than removing said band, I haven't quite found a cure for that one.

I have finally pulled all the tomatoes out of the garden.  I felt like it wasn't a complete waste, but I felt bad taking the stuff out.  It wasn't going to grow much more, and I was afraid that if I left them in, I would lose track of the cages, and we would have a repeat of Husband nearly impaling himself on one when he rototilled.
(Husband was fine.  The cage was terminal...)

I am so horribly disappointed with the cages I bought this year.  I was sold cages that were supposed to be heavy duty, and galvanized.  Well, they were galvanized.  That much was true.  Heavy duty, my fat fanny!  Heavy duty tinfoil, maybe.  EVERY ONE fell over, all of them warped and bent, and several lost the prongs on the bottom that drive them into the ground.  I am going to give them away to the first person that I can pawn them off on.  Next year, I will go back to using T posts... Or hog fencing with ties.  Hmph.

In other news, I have a family member not doing so well, she is in one of those elder apartments, and became very ill.  Turns out, she has been having problems remembering to take pills, and some other 'stuff' going on, so the family has finally sat her down for a talk that she needs to go to the assisted side of the apartments.  She is not really happy about this, but she is getting to the point she needs more help than the occasional look-see by family members.  It will work out, but she is in her 90's, and rather... proud of her mental strength, so she is sort of taking this a bit hard.  We all are trying to let her know it's not a failing, it's just to keep her healthy and safe.  (I think maybe she is starting to agree, but time will tell).

I am going to be taking an online class, this should be interesting.  It's a class on chronic pain management.  I have been doing okay, in that area, but I still have times when I am not able to do, or cope well, and I hope to maybe get some perspective that I might not have thought of.  Besides, then I can tell my gripes and complaints to someone who hasn't heard it several times before! (wink)

And lastly, on a funny note:
I think Rudee understands English better than I give him credit for!

I was walking, and for some odd reason, right after I had gotten a good pace going, and built up a good head of steam, Rudee walks right in front of me.  And stops.  I walk around him, start up again, then he does it again!  The third time, he wanders slowly, blocking me.  I was getting rather annoyed by this point, and told him, "Move, or I am going to stick this pole up your a**!"

Next thing I know, he's turned, looked at me with wide eyes, and gets out of my way, walking waaay over to the left, and not daring to walk in front of me.

Smart dog...


  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your friend I am dealing with that with our Mother right now. It is very tough my Mom lives alone in her home and is very stubborn to say the least.
    I did not know you have chronic pain I have Fibromyalsia and understand this pain thing I hope this works for you.
    I am lucky in the summer it is almost gone but the cold winters make me remember it is not. Our winter is coming soon but I will be out doing chores then snow shoeing then come in and stay in bed I will not let it win.
    Take care and I can't wait to read if this course works. B

  2. Ok, I nearly choked on my coffee laughing at Rudee! Smart, smart dog.

  3. I look forward to your month's challenge!
    I know what you mean about the cages! Have you seen the heavy duty color coated ones? I haven't sprung for them, yet... but may do so when (if) I get a real garden (as opposed to a few tomato plants in a pot)

  4. Glad husband survived the rototiller vs. cage incident, and looking forward to hearing from you more often.

    No one wants to move into the assisted living phase of life, but remind her it beats the alternative. As in, she can continue to interact with family and friends without having to worry that her short term memory is going to do her in early. She can rely on others for the niggling details.

    The average dog can learn over 100 words, so i believe Rudee does understand more than you may realize; are you sure he wasn't trying to signal to you to stop because there was something ahead, like a snake? Sometimes dogs will do that.

  5. Buttons:
    Yes, my 'owie' is arthritis. And like you, it's worse in cold weather... The family is working on keeping my relative as happy about the situation as possible, so if we can all work together, I think it should be okay.


  6. Samantha:

    Yes, when he wants to be... ;)


  7. Dreaming:

    I thought about getting those myself, but I am still of the mind of using T posts. I already have those. I might use biiig planter pots, too, next year, so I can get to the tomatoes a bit better. We shall see.


  8. messymimi:

    Yes, Husband has had a few things in the garden, that give us the thought it might not have been the pristine garden-y spot we'd thought. Big chucks of plate iron, nails, then when you add my missing big metal cages that get swallowed up by the winter ground cover, it can get very exciting in spring! Eeep.

    I think she will be okay, and the niggling details are what's bugging her, so perhaps this will be a good thing, all the way around!

    And while he has kept me away from some not so good things, (strangers, deer, the neighbor's horse), this time he was just being a drama puppy. When he doesn't want to walk, he doesn't want ME to walk, either. The poop.


  9. Smart dog! I did the A - Z Challenge last April and will do it again next year. I applaud you to try something in November, you are right, it is such a busy time. But I look forward to reading it if you decide to do it. I thought it was a lot of fun. I think I may actually start writing some of the posts for next April soon. I plan to make Sweden my theme. Sorry, I'm babbling here! It's just so darned good to be back.

  10. Inger:

    He thinks he is, anyway...

    Welcome back! I know it was in April, but it works for any month with the same amount of days. I think that doing the ABC's for Sweden would be great! Let's see, C... Chocolate? ;)

    Now I would just have to work out the other 25 letters... HA!



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