Wednesday, November 02, 2011

B. Bowls

The 4 on the left are a set of bowls that my Grandma used, and was given to me after she died.  The red bowl on the right is one I picked up at a garage sale, it had hardly been used, so you can see the difference in color...

The Yellow bowl is our potato salad bowl.  Grandma used it for that, and now I do.  It holds a LOT of apples when I am making applesauce, as well.  

The Green bowl is the oddball bowl.  I used it for apple peelings this year, but it's nearly pristine.  I think it's because it's too big for most jobs, but not big enough for things like... potato salad.  It is a pretty bowl, however.

The Red bowl is the do-all bowl.  Leftovers, mixing cornbread, holding messy food, some soup makings, it runs the gamut.  I know Grandma used to make her chicken flour mixture in this bowl.  (Can you tell what kind of food our family does? Cornbread, fried chicken, potato salad? Heh...)  

The Blue bowl didn't seem to get a lot of use, but I have found it's terrific for making sandwich spread.  Eggs, mayo, relish, ta da, lunch fixin's.  (Or tuna.  Husband likes tuna a lot...)

And here is the "nesting" picture of the bowls.  I found out you can't put two bowls of the same size in the nest, they want to stick when you try to get them back out!  OOPS!  So, the other little red bowl sits beside.

I have no idea if these bowls are even very valuable, I wouldn't sell them, anyway, there is too much family history for me in them.  But I thought they would be a simple, pretty blog for today.

(Oh, and when you are writing your blog list ideas, the word is "BOWLS", not "BOWELS".  Husband was really curious what I was going to blog about on THAT topic...) sheesh...


  1. went to an "antique" mall in Sacramento this past weekend. funny how the old pyrex and correll dishes are making a comeback. a 4-qt pyrex with lid was $20 - highway robbery when I can go home and borrow my mom's!

    Don't sell them.

  2. i have a big-ass orange one, which was my great grandma's. grandma has some too, but she's still using them (she's 88). it wonderful when these pieces can stay in the family, and you can pull out the memories along with the bowl. :o)

  3. Ha ha.....bowels...that was my first thought too lol

  4. Some things can't be replaced or bought at any price, like your grandmother's bowls, or my grandmother's cast iron.

    Thanks for sharing that, it brought a smile.

  5. Beautiful set! I am sooooo jealous!


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