Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A. Book for All Saints Day.

I was going to have A be Autumn, with a lovely photo of a tree just going into its golden glory.

Then it rained, and blew, and the tree looks like it was beaten severely with an ugly stick.  Sort of reminds me of my chickens in the middle of a molt...


I panicked, decided to go with a plan B.  I have been reading a total fluffy mind candy book, "Saint Vidicon to the Rescue" by Christopher Stasheff.  The story line is more or less, a computer tech meets up with Saint Vidicon of Cathode, who protects people from problems relating more or less to computers, via Murphy's law.  The tech is also trying to woo a girl, with some help and suggestions from the good saint.  I haven't finished it yet, but it is a light, fun read.  I must say, some of the problems the tech comes up with read like logic puzzles, which I guess, for someone that works with computers all the time, seems appropriate.

About the biggest problem I had was realizing the Saint's name was Vidicon, NOT Vicodin.  Somehow, I don't think that they name saints after pain relievers.  Although, if they send help, I suppose, in a very loose way, there is a similarity.  Hmmm.


Anyway, here's a blurb on Amazon if you would like to read more about it.

I will have to let you know later if I liked the ending...


  1. It sounds like something to tackle while at the beach.

    St. Vicodin -- is that anything like sleeping with Prince Valium? ;)

  2. In my sleepy, not awake yet stupor, I read Vicodin... LOL!

  3. Yep, I read Vicodin, too! LOLOL

    I'll check this out. I'm looking for some easy reads!


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