Friday, November 04, 2011

D. Delights.

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Hot cocoa.  

Reading on the porch, and the cat deigns to give you purr time, sans claws.

Having deer nearby, without the garden being sacrificed.

Hot tea while watching the turkeys land in the morning, from the tree they roosted at.

Watching the neighbor's young calves play king of the hill.

The smell of hay bales.

Looking in the freezer, and seeing it nearly full of most of the things grown in the summer.

Waking up to realize you don't have to hurry, you can just get up slowly.

Waking up and WANTING to hurry, because you know it's going to be a great day!

Walking outside after a snowfall, and finding tracks... That you don't recognize, and follow.

Finding out the tracks are a black bird against the white snow.

Watching your animals breathe out steam in the cold, but knowing they are safe, fed, and okay.

Hearing one of the hens announce an egg.

Hearing everyone else announce... The same egg!

Looking at quilts.

Wearing my ugly sweater, because I knit it, and it's comfortable.

Talking to the mail lady.

Sitting out in the sunshine on a summer day.  With something cold to drink.

Just having a good day.


  1. Nice delights!

    How about a picture of yourself for your avatar? You never know... it might catch on! ;-)

  2. One of mine is reading your blog.

  3. Sharon:

    Well, uh, Husband has asked me not to, he is uncomfortable with me using my name or face online. He's heard enough crazy stories about stuff happening, that he just doesn't think it's safe. I don't care, so I just go along with it...


  4. messymimi:



  5. Ahhhh.... I'm loving your delights. Made me feel happy too!


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