Wednesday, November 09, 2011

H. Hairballs...

Today was sort of strange.  Remember the test I told you about yesterday?  Didn't hear it in Oregon.  So, I guess that translates to... back to the drawing board?  

I was running behind today to get into the substation.  Murphy would have it, I was on a rural road, in a town that the speed limit is 25?  I was behind a guy that, top end, went 15.  *sigh*  I was only about 10 minutes late... 

I ate way too much, but I found out I like curry.  Someone brought a dish with curry, and I tried it.  I was surprised, but pleased to find a new flavor (to me).  I brought chocolate cookies I make ONLY for Christmas, and ONLY when I take them somewhere else. 

 The reason?  Can't stay out of them.  

Hence the title.  I use "Hairballs" as a catch all word when I want to swear, but it is more... socially acceptable.  (Occasionally I even say Fried Hairballs with Gopher Gravy, but after grossing out two DHS workers, I try to be careful when I say that.  The deputies thought it hilarious, however.  Go figure.)

I found out the cookies were a hit.  To wit:  One of the gals said she didn't really like chocolate, (really, she is a salt person, chips and such), but that she would try a cookie.  Three cookies later, she asked for the recipe.  I put the rest of the cookies in the back for the deputies, when we finished with lunch.  I also put some "men's" magazines, sport and shooting, as well.

First time I go back to tell the deputy something, one of the deputies has a chocolate bit on his mouth.  The second time I had to go to the back, the deputy on lunch break had several cookies and the magazines.  The third time I went to the back, the first deputy had some MORE cookies!  So, I think they won't go away hungry today...

I am just happy I didn't take them home!  (Full disclosure, I ate about... 5...)   : (


  1. Ummm.......I know about full disclosure!! Means add a couple more to your admit!! Trouble is I like the salt and the chocolate!!

  2. I am the same way about baked goods. How can some women manage to bake and not eat it?!

  3. Pokey drivers are one reason i might have a very hard time moving to a small town. Makes me crazy.

    Dreaming, i bake it and don't eat it, because i drank home made veggie juices until i broke my sugar addiction. The stuff doesn't interest me now. This from the person for whom sugar used to be her drug of choice...

  4. full disclosure would be sharing the recipe. (just saying.)


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