Thursday, November 10, 2011

I. Uuuuhhh...


I am trying to think of something for a blog here.

I sentences would work, I suppose.

I know what the word "idiopathic" means, which really annoys most doctors.*

I am back up to 6 laps around the pasture in the morning (well, most mornings, last week, I had to shift to a couple afternoon walks, but did it!)

I worked on my craft room today.  I found out that I have almost 4 bins of spinning fiber.  One bin usually is about enough for a year.  There is way lots of sock yarn.  And there is I have NO idea how much worsted acrylic.  I am sorting through all of this.  With luck, I will have lots for my various charity groups, and enough to share with some other gals and guys that knit down at the senior center.  (They drooled a lot at the last haul I made...)

I am making progress with my llamas, Dolly and Toni seem pretty good with me touching them, if there is food involved.  Annie, well, she is very skittish, but is doing better.  She will just need more time.  And except for the occasional spit fest at breakfast, they seem to be getting along okay with Lorenzo and Llama.

I am watching most of my television on line. (Computervision?)  This is nice, because since the change to digital, I can't get most of the channels.  I don't watch a LOT of TV, but it is nice to be able to sit down to a show of an evening.

I don't know what else to say, so I guess I will say...

I am finished!

* Cause unknown...


  1. You have been busy! I have been having connection problems... wasting more time trying to get on than anything.

  2. Growing up with a dad who was a doc, i tend to frustrate doctors, too, by knowing things i shouldn't.

    Bless you for donating extra craft supplies, i'm sure people love you for it.

    Glad you are getting walks in and the llamas are acclimating.


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