Saturday, November 12, 2011

K. Kodak morning... (picture heavy)

Decided to take my camera with me, and show what a morning is like at my house... (I promise, I *will* figure out how the video works, thus far, it lasts about 20 seconds and shuts off...)  


This is the last of the Halloween pumpkins and crookneck, they are 'chicken chow', I cut them in sections, and put them out for the birds.  Llamas, they will sniff at them, but seem to think they aren't edible.  The reason these aren't already in the coop, is that the chickens haven't finished the last batch yet!

We are waiting!  

Uh, hello, we aren't walking the hill yet, what gives???
And besides, I smelled bbq on my dog food...

Give us breakfast or we will poop on your shoes. 
Oh, wait... 
Never mind, just feed us. 

Yep, still have someone remembering what the nest box is for...

Nom, nom, nom. This one is low on the pecking order, 
so the poor thing hides a lot...




Wait a minute, weren't we just here a few minutes ago???

Climbing the hill, to go exercise, if you enlarge, 
you can see Rudee does NOT wait up for me.

Loop around the pasture.  Repeat 6 times. 
(More times as I build up again...)

I thought I smelled bbq.  Crunch, crunch, crunch, brp... 


  1. Nice to see all the pictures! I couldn't get the pictures to enlarge - that new picture thingy of blogger's didn't show the 'regular view' for me!

    The llamas seem like a quiet bunch, I guess they know that Rudee steals the show, hee hee.

  2. That's an amazing life you have there, surrounded by so many fine critters.

    Don't worry about taking your time to figure out the video thing. Blogger is still asking me to use the new interface, and i'm still refusing, and i've never figured out how to even post a picture, first-cousin-to-a-Luddite that i am.


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