Monday, November 14, 2011

L. Lists.

The Dean's List, I think I was on that one in college, once or twice.

The (Ahem) List.  I know I have been on that one, more than once or twice.

Christmas List.  Why is it that it's a very hard list for the ones you love the most?

Wish List.  A fun way to daydream.  Or to set goals.

Garden List.  Let's me know what grew.  Or didn't...

Reading List. For every book I read, I seem to get 4 or 5 more that look good TO read...  Which might be why Husband got me a new bookshelf...

Wine List.  Uh. I don't drink, so I guess it doesn't apply.  Meh.

Grocery List. Usually I manage to get things on there that really stretch the meaning of "grocery". I mean, come on, Flock Block and Ivomectin?

Mailing List.  Christmas card one is long, but I enjoy getting caught up with friends that aren't close by.
Every day mailing list is shorter, and usually...  Grandma.

To Do List. I don't know if I will ever start one and end it on the same day.  I add, and add, and then forget where I sat the list down at.  *sigh*

Bucket List... Has anyone ever made one of these?  Is it supposed to be private?  I know "See Tom Petty Concert" can be crossed off... : D

Projects List.  Try to not put any items on this list any later than August or September, if it is for Christmas presents.  Until, of course, I find that "perfect" thing that someone would just LOVE, and cast on... Usually two weeks before Christmas.  Yes, I am crazy, thank you for noticing...

Friend List.  This is a strange one, for me, it has varied by age, and location.  People who I was 'besties' with when I was in grade school, I don't know where are now.  People I'd met in college, went on to other places, and I have lost touch with.

So, what lists do you keep?


  1. For years, I was a maker of lists; things to do, bills to pay, people I had to contact, scratching each thing off as I was done. Now I don't make lists, I don't get any more done either.

  2. I am a Lister..lists for everything!

  3. My kids have each written out bucket lists. Some of them included bungee jumping.

    Lists seem to bother me, i feel like i'm spending more time listing than doing.

    As for the (Ahem) List, yep, been there, quite a bit, actually.

  4. I just found your blog...the title is too funny and too true for me as well.

    As for lists, I make a lot of to-do lists, to-knit lists, shopping lists...I don't always pay attention to them, but it feels like it makes me more orderly!


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