Tuesday, November 15, 2011

M. Meh...

I had a long day.  Just not gonna be a wowzer blog, sorry.

One funny incident, though:

I was the photographer for the graduation of the Citizen's Academy.  I left home early, so I would be able to get there and help with set up.

I hit every red light from the house to the Sheriff's Office.

Ok, still going to be there 5 minutes early.

Turned the last corner before the SO, and there was a truck almost jackknifed in the street.  It was trying to get into one of the local businesses, but the truck entrance is for a smaller trucks.  This was a biiiig truck.  I watched, and he went back, and forth, over the curb, back, up over the curb, tried to back up, nearly nailed a truck that went around WHILE HE WAS BACKING, and so on.

I watched.  There was no safe way to turn around.  I was stuck.

Finally, he was able to back up, and I arrived about 10 minutes late.  First boss saw me, "Did you bring your camera?"


The second boss, looking concerned, "Did you bring a camera, I didn't."

Yep, have it...

The Sheriff saw me walking in, and piped up, "Okay, we can start, the paparazzi is here!"



  1. Nice to be wanted, or is it? ;)

    As for the catching every red light, our town is set up so you have to stop at almost every light, no matter the route. It's like they want us sitting there, even when there is no cross street traffic. Then they don't understand why so many people run red lights...

  2. You didn't take pictures of the wreck? HMMM.

    Sometimes I get lucky and can go a couple miles with all green lights - just depends on the traffic flow.

  3. Sharon:

    Oh, my, it didn't wreck, it had just turned so hard it was stuck. I guess I used the wrong term...



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