Saturday, November 19, 2011

Q. My future quilt. When I get time... HA!

In the great scheme of things, I do really, some day, want to make some quilts.   Now, this is a project I have had in my head for some time.

Two quilts, actually, one that is a fabric quilt, one that is a knitted quilt.  (Yes, I know, knitted usually means afghan, but I will explain in a minute, I really do mean quilt.)

The first is the fabric quilt.  I like hankies.  The kind with the paisleys printed on them, and I have thought that they would be perfect for a "flying geese" pattern quilt.  (Pattern idea shown here... The 13th picture down!)  This is about the easiest quilt pattern that I have found (short, of course, of just sewing the squares together),  and I have been saving hankies that I don't use for normal every day nasal concerns for the quilt.  I am also considering a few shirts that are the same material, from my husband's shirts, but the shirts sure take up some space!  Anyway, it will be on a very old blanket, that I will use as the "innards" of the quilt.  The FG pattern will be on both sides, and knotted at the points, like one of the quilts I saw of my... Great Grandma's, I think.

This will actually be the harder of the two, as I do not sew, much.  So I have to work out the little details, like how to hem the edges without it falling apart, not making little pucker spots where the points meet, and so on. (And sew on? Heh...) 

This might not sound like much, but when you know next to nothing about sewing, it can be a challenge.  I managed to sew up some drapes for Husband's shop.  Let's just say, I really was 'winging' it, and I don't to this day think there is a straight edge on any one of the curtains... So, one of these days, I will have to take inventory of hankies, and shirts, and see what I will do.

The other quilt.  I want to make one side out of samples of knitting.  Lace probably be left out, only because it would tend to not be 'tough' enough, but any solid type knitting that I'd like to try, will probably become a square or rectangle.  The other side (which I actually have made a prototype of part of a, well, a triangle...) is going to be a slow moving vehicle sign, alternating with black, and and tractor icons (think John Deere and such.)  The idea is fine, but I have found I need to work on getting the edging right.  The orange triangle is no problem to knit, but the red 'sides' are somewhat tinkery, in fact, I crocheted the first ones.  I don't know if I will do more that way, or try a different method of putting together the sign.

Once I have the two sides, I want to put them together with a sheet in the center.  I am not sure if I would put knots in between, or just stitch it shut, or what.  Haven't really gotten that far.  Just a thing I would like to try, to make a really thick, warm quilt.

I think this could sort of be like fantasy football, though.  I will think about it alot, but really getting it done...  Well, I did start something.  Kinda.  But it is great fun to think about.

But I don't think there will ever be a quilt #3.

Actually, at the rate I am going, quilt #1 will be a major accomplishment.  Hopefully, not a sign of the apocalypse...

But you never know...


  1. I guess I need pictures, can't remember the FG pattern. The knitted one does sound like a cool (warm) idea! It's fun sometimes to plan a project.

  2. Have you thought about just practicing straight seams for 15 minutes a day on cheap scrap fabrics, before you start sewing your hankies together?

    It sounds like both of them will be beautiful.


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