Monday, November 21, 2011

R. Realizing the importance of friends.

I found out that I am going to have to have surgery for my broken leg bone this Wednesday.  There may, or may not be a blog that day, or the next...  So, to all of my blog friends, I am so happy for your comments, and it makes my heart glad to know that people care, both online, and off.

To wit:

At least three offers of dinner for Thanksgiving (I might be in the hospital, I might not, at that point...)
Several offers of rides.
Offers of shopping for me, or taking me shopping.
Offers of... I guess I can best describe it as, whaddya need, point me.  Guys tend to be more general in the offer department, I suppose.
A few offers of time, or delivering things, or making phone calls.  Fortune would have it, I think I have the phone part mostly covered.

One family of friends even offered, in no particular order, Happy Feet from the toddler sized daughter, Dr. Who videos from the husband, and "cleaning a mean bathroom" from the wife.  This tickles me more than I can say...

My bosses from the substation have both checked in with me, have told me they will cover my shifts as long as I need, and one offered to come over and make dinner for my family.  She then said if I just wanted a drive to McD's to get out of the house, she would be happy to do so.  Of course, they wanted all the details, as I guess I am numero uno in the gossip department there, but hey, it's probably more fun to talk about me than SOME of the crapitz that goes on, so I don't mind...

One of my friends even offered to feed my animals!

I mean, really, it lets you know who you can count on, yes?

And Mom has offered to come 'babysit' me, so Husband can get back out and catch up on work.  I somehow think Husband was the instigator, but still.

Dad has offered to drive me about, if need be.

I think I have a great bunch here, don't you?

(Oh, the one funny thing, the poor llamas aren't quite sure about Husband feeding them.  He goes out, puts out the food, and they keep looking around, wondering where I am.  Doesn't stop them from EATING, they just look very confused while they do so.)


  1. Best of luck on the surgery, and hopes for a speedy recovery!!

  2. wow-I had no idea you were injured!! Will have to read back posts!! Take care and take all the help you can get!! You never know when it will come again I found out!! Happy Turkey Day!!

  3. Wishing i could do more than send prayers and virtual hugs.

    It's times like these that show how blessed we are, and i'll be looking forward to whatever you write, whenever that is.


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