Thursday, November 24, 2011

T. Thanksgiving day, at home!

Well, my blog will be a day off, so the November Blog Writer's thing is kaput, but I think I will just continue, I will only have one day missing...

Yesterday, I was scheduled for surgery, at 1.  Things were going as smoothly as it could for that kind of thing.  Mom had helped by packing me a go bag, Husband had grabbed one or two things I had forgotten, and I was chatting with Mom on the phone.

Received a phone call from the hospital.  Can you come in early?

We got things together fairly quickly, and arrived only a few minutes later than what they wanted, (they asked us to be there in 30 minutes.  IF we'd been in the car as they called, this MIGHT have been doable), and so I was brought in, and Husband had to go find a footrest for the wheelchair they had.  Next thing I know, this lady be bops up, oh, we need you in prep, your husband can wait in the waiting room.  Let's just say, my good foot went to the ground, and stayed there, until I saw Husband again.  The lady was okay about it, but I wasn't, I was scared, and wasn't about to have to have him wait without me.  Moreover, not know where I was.

We were taken to the get ready room, and they let Husband stay.  I was less scared.  Mom and Dad were allowed to see me before I was wheeled in for surgery.  Then surgery.

I awoke to a ceiling with little holes... Acoustical tiling is rather bland, don't you think? Finally got my bearings enough they could take me to my room.  Husband, Mom, and Dad stayed for a bit, then I took some meds.  It was foggy after that.  I remember groggily seeing Mom and Dad leave, and the nurse wanting to know if I was going to stay for observation.  Husband finally convinced me that would be best, since I was barely coherent, and we didn't know how I would do at the house if the surgery "stuff" wore off, as the hospital could care for any problems, Husband might, or might not, be able to.

So I stayed overnight.  I was dopey roggy foggy headed most of the time, but it wasn't too bad, if you don't count the incredible noise that was there, all night.  A compressor under the bed rattled.  The blower for the heating unit would go on and off.  Dings, and clicks, and beeps.  The nurses, fortune would have it, managed to come in to check on me when I was awake anyway, so waking me was sort of a moot point...  Then about 3.30 am, someone went into cardiac arrest.  First the alarm, the announcement, then several running feet.  Directions from nurses and doctors, and running feet the OTHER way.  That was enough to keep me awake for a bit.  Finally drowsed again, until the lady came to take blood samples.  I watched the sun rise, wrote part of a letter, and then Husband showed up, and the staff worked on getting me ready to go home.  After a couple false starts we were able to leave.

I was able to walk into my own house, on my own power, with a walker, and Husband hanging on to my back, just in case.  I then sat down on the couch and slept for about 2 hours.

Husband has brought me juices, the computer, and some HEALTHY snacks, he says we are both going to work on doing better with eating.  (Says the man who can't stay out of the cookie jar, grin....)  So, I am typing this while snacking on some Hummus and carrots Mom sent over, (Husband keeps wondering what dirt has to do with it, I keep trying to explain it is HUMMUS, not HUMUS.  I still am not sure he's convinced), and I think there will be a small bit of dinner with the folks later.

I am home, the surgery went well, and I am not in much pain, and can walk again.  I also have lots and lots, and LOTS of caring friends and family.

I am truly blessed this Thanksgiving Day.


  1. And we are blessed that you are going to recover from this and be back to your usual self soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Holy Cow! I get busy and don't read blogs for a few days... and come back to this! How awful for you! I hope you are feeling better and that things heal very quickly. Take care of yourself!


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