Monday, November 28, 2011

W. Whatta day!

Had a doctor's appointment today.  This was great, except we didn't know we HAD one, until I called this morning, to schedule one!  So, we got going, I cleaned up to almost presentable, and we went over to the doc.  I am now using the walker pretty well, and Husband didn't have to wheel me, I walked to the office myself. (Thank goodness it wasn't too far, but I did get a workout!)

He thought I was doing well, recommended some things, one of which was that I need to exercise my ankles, flexing them.  I said I did yarn spinning with a wheel, is that what he meant?  He grinned, and said, that is PERFECT.  Just don't over do, if you can only do "three spins", don't try for a half hour.  Me?  Overdo? Cough... Where would he get that idea?

So, I will try and set up a chance to spin tomorrow sometime, just to see what it does.

I now have a boot that is forcing my foot into the correct position to heal, it looks like an open toed snow boot, if that makes any sense.  I am to wear it when I am walking and such, 16-20 hours a day, but I will remove it for exercises of the ankle, because it locks the ol' foot in place otherwise!

We went to lunch, and poor Husband was mortified when we came home that he left the half a lunch I took with me, on top of the car.  So it's on the road someplace between the restauraunt and home.

So, we arrived home, Husband put the stuff away, I called family to give updates. We both sat down on the couch, and next thing we knew...

We'd slept for almost 2 hours!

I think we both needed it.

Tomorrow, Mom is coming over to help with some more housework, Husband hopefully will get a chance to catch up on his neglected jobs, (we have to pay the bills somehow...), and possibly I will be able to go out and see Rudee, so he doesn't think I have thrown him to the wilds of... wherever a dog would think wild.


  1. It does sound like you are getting along with the healing... slowly. Think you are going just about right.

    It's nice that your Mom is coming to help out!

    Happy spinning!


  2. Yes, you both needed it. Knitting bones is tiring work, as is nursemaiding and housekeeping.

    Glad your Mom can help, and hope your DH catches up on work soon, it's no fun to get behind.

    As for Rudee, any way he could come up to the porch for a visit, instead of you having to go out to him? That might please both of you.

  3. Sharon:
    I think the doctor is pleased, but it just is the patience that I don't have, that I need to work on, I guess. And yes, Mom has been a blessing, Husband isn't needing to be doing all his stuff, and all my stuff as much...

    spin, spin, spin... :)


  4. messymimi:
    I think we must have, because naps, while not unknown at our house, don't generally occur simultaneously, or at such length.
    Yes, I just want him to be out and doing his 'stuff', it's something that he has a bit more control over, and fortune would have it, enjoys, so I want to get myself as able as possible so he isn't babysitting continually...
    And the big problem with Rudee is my balance. He just is a lovable dog that thinks he's a teacup poodle, and when he's almost 100 pounds, I don't want to take a chance of breaking something else in his enthusiasm! So, until I can make a bit more sure I am not going to end up crashing down, he has to see my in his kennel. It just takes time, as Mr. P. said, "The waiting is the hardest part..."

  5. It sounds like the Dr's appointment was good and that you are making great progress. I'm glad you found out about it just in time!
    Ah, there is some critter that is enjoying your lunch!


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