Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can he handle the excitement?

So.  I told Husband that I had a gift planned for him.

"Uh huh?"  (Well, he was driving...)

I told him that I was going to get him a dog.  First he looked confused, then after I explained the word DOG, as he didn't hear it, (L*rd knows what he actually heard...), I said I would get him one in the spring, he could pick out "his" dog, as the last one, Rudee, was my choice.

His response?

"Oh. Okay." Small smile. Nod.

Uh. I didn't expect handsprings, but geez.  He has never been real demonstrative, but sometimes I really think the man needs a bit more caffeine.

And we played with my half finished sock last night, it DOES glow, so when I finish it, I will put a lighted and dark photo on of the effect.  (They should give my feet that healthy green glow! Heh!)

So, Husband, if you are reading, I love you, even if you don't get real excited about 'stuff', and Happy Birthday!


  1. Wishing you many happy returns of the day, Cat's Husband!

    You will enjoy having a dog of your own. Maybe even enough to smile a bit, i hope?

  2. my old friend
    happy Christmas to you too xxxx


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