Wednesday, December 07, 2011

So. Catching up on other's blogs. And avatar-ing.

I am trying to catch up on blog reading, since I am... rather limited on what I can do, at the moment.  

So, when all of you read blogs, how do you go about it?  I try and read as many as I can, (which you can see on the right, I try and read most all of them, even if I don't always put a note in...), and I usually do so by reading the most recent 'additions' when I log on.  I don't ALWAYS do this, when I was so busy recently with running about, I mostly jotted my blog, and skimmed, but I try to check... 

How about leaving comments?  I tend to leave comments if there isn't a lot (hey, after fifty or sixty comments, I figure the topic is pretty well covered...), and if I am not going to leave just a "yes, I agree" type comment.  It's probably just me, but I feel silly if that's all I can say.  

Yeah, it's probably just me.

I love reading other's blogs on... well, I guess it would be just 'everyday' things.  Finding out that one of you had a bobcat in the yard.  Another had ice during the night, and was not too worried because they have prepared.  One was commenting on the generation gap.  Yet another is getting ready for a funeral

 Life.  It is not always the grand, glorious things... Sometimes, just the everyday, where you realize that we have so much in common, and it makes me feel good that I can be part of it.  To enjoy, to share, to send a virtual hug in grief. 

And of course, everyone can share the wonders of Hobble Bum the Broken Legged here...  (I could try out for Tiny Tim this year!  Well, if I was a "Tim", not Timothina... And was actually tiny... Meh. Details...)


So, on to the Avatar.  BTK won, but I received an interesting idea from Mom (see, I do listen, every once in a while...) that I change the avatar occasionally.  Like, BTK for Christmas, but February might have Lupe holding a Valentine.  I thought this might be fun, so you will see both of this feline front men (front cats?) this year... 

Which might mean that I am creative, and want a unique outlet.  

Or that I just have way too much time on my hands.  

No need to comment on that... Heh...


  1. Like you, I scramble to read Blogs. There are just too many out there and not enough time! I do look for new posts... and usually check them all out. However, I probably only comment about half of the time - either there are already dozens of witty responses, or there isn't much more to say than, "un, huh... I agree.... nice pictures" etc.
    I like how you linked to other posts by way of the subject. Neat idea!

  2. You are creative. As for time on your hands, maybe while your legs mends, a little. In your usual fashion, i wouldn't want to have to keep up with all you do.

  3. Here lately, I am hit and run when it comes to blogging and catching up. It all boils down to what I am doing. With homeschooling our boys; my time is being more limited to creative outlets for myself. Though I still love peeking in on folks such as yourself because you are a reality check. And your sense of humor draws me back here repeatedly. Merry Christmas, Mal

  4. I think you need to learn to knit or crochet......ha..............might be a long mending time..........good luck......keep smilin'......keep shining.......

  5. I need a new avatar too. I follow too many blogs, I have my favorite few I faithfully read... and then the rest I'll hit once in awhile as I have time.


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