Monday, December 05, 2011

Z. (Finally...)

Z was supposed to be on the last day of last month.  However, I also wasn't supposed to get a broken leg, either.  Oh, well.


Z can take many forms:

Z, as in snoring, from finding out that the meds the doctor gave me are very strong.  (I will be off them soon! HOORAY!!!)

Z, as in shapes.  We've been having a lot of little branches fall from the Oak trees, they look like little lightning bolts.  I am hoping to go out and pick them up when I am feeling a bit better.  Rudee loves to gnaw on them, and I put them out in the field for the wildlife to use for shelter.  (One of the tree loses quite a few...)

Z as in running around, zip and zoom.  Husband is taking Rudee out for runs, and I swear that dog isn't running fast, he's flying low!  He loves to be out, but since I still can't take him out, it is up to Husband, and he is working, so Rudee isn't getting out quite as much.

Z is also for animals.  My Goddaughter likes a toy by the name of "Littlest Pet Shop" (I think that's the name), and I believe she really should become a science fiction writer when she gets a bit older.  She was introducing me to her zebra, Secretariat, (Goddaughter's Mom is a real heavy duty horse person), and she told me it was a waiting for the veterinarian.

Playing along, I asked why, was it sick?

Her reply?

Oh, yes, it was bitten by a vampire, and the veterinarian has to do surgery to pull the fang out of his neck. (She also mentioned that it was a horse that had bitten the zebra, so it would not become a vampire.  I really didn't know vampirism was species specific.  Or that vampire horses had fangs.  The things you learn from preschoolers!)

Ok, that is all I can think of for z, at the moment.  I will probably not blog absolutely every day, but I will try and keep up on it.  And now that I am getting off the meds, (YAAAAAYYYY!!!), I will hopefully be able to read and respond to OTHER people's blogs, with some coherency...

Let's just say, I know that if any of my family was into blackmail, I believe I would be in deep trouble by this point...


  1. Glad to hear you are going to be off the meds and hopefully feeling better. I agree with you... I sure do hope that little girl grows up to be a writer. I love science fiction. Species specific... huh

  2. Hooray for off meds!

    A zebra named Secretariat. Wow, the imaginations they have. Hope she is keeping you entertained, and that you can take Rudee out soon.

    Glad your family can be counted on.


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