Tuesday, January 03, 2012

First sock o' the new year...

I did get a sock finished. ONE sock.  It is the glow in the dark sock, and other than it is rather thick, (I used two strands of yarn, the glow in the dark one was very thin), I think it came out pretty well...  I am going to sew a leather footie on it and make it a slipper.

I am going to make the other sock later, but this one was so close to being finished, I just had to get it off the needles.  I want to work on my Mom's Bridge of Roses socks, I chose dark, earthy brown as the sock color.  The roses will be yellow.  I am going to try and work on it today and tomorrow a lot, as I will be going to the Doctor for my latest checkup on the leg (pleasepleaseplease no more boot!) and the one tech is just absolutely enthralled with my knitting.  It would be nice to show her a more advanced pattern, she has been impressed with my basic knit sock, I want to show her the super stuff!  Heh.

I actually was brave today.  I have been really nervous about going out and handling Rudee again, he is a big dog, and doesn't always clue in that he needs to sit.  (We have trained him, but he has enough alpha in him, that he will "forget" his training occasionally...)  I went out, and let him do the potty thing, and walked him for about 10 minutes.  He got a tiny bit rambunctious at first, but when I told him to sit, and he did.  I think he's just so happy to have me out with him that he's not going to screw it up...

Or something...

Mom got him a new toy for Christmas, he loves "Hedgehog Balls", and now he has one and a spare.  Bright danger orange, so we can hopefully find them...  It is the one thing that he is not fond of sharing.  He isn't aggressive, but if you ask him to drop it, he conveniently becomes deaf.   Then, if you try to take it from him, he turns his head away, (busily wagging his tail, he knows what he's doing...),  but he let me have his toy today, I just dropped it back to him, but I know he was happy to see me if he was willing to share HIS toy.  We shall see how long that lasts.

I walked out to the llamas, and just stood for a little bit.  Dolly walked up, and I just held still.  She came so close I could feel her breath on my face. (Um. Breath mint?)

I stayed still, and she checked me out, as did the others, they just stood nearby, waiting... I didn't have any food for them, and soon they wandered away to graze, but it was nice to be out near them again.

The chickens didn't care.  Somehow, I think chicken's memory consists of  "Food?" "Run!" "Food!" and "Tired."  (Males seem to have "SEX!" as well.  Females with chicks have "Food is here.") If you aren't directly involved with the food, the memory fades...

Yep, that's about it for chickens.  I really wasn't expecting much from them, but it's nice to see them, anyway.

I have been out petting Buzz every once in a while, but have to leave the cane indoors. It freaks her out a LOT.  I have no clue why, unless one of our neighbors has been after her.  I certainly haven't, in fact, I used to play with her with a fishing pole...  Strange.

So, hope is returning that I will be able to go out and do things again.  I don't know when, but this is a step or two  in the right direction!


  1. Glow in the dark socks, cute idea.
    I'm sure you were happy to get out and see the animals again. Rudee had to be happy!
    I imagine that boot is rather tiresome, they tried one on me and yah, it was heavy. I hope you can say good-bye to it!
    Take care now...

  2. happy new year old friend

  3. Show off that sock! It will keep up your reputation.

    Dogs are smart, and i'm sure Rudee at least understands that you have been injured or ill. Wolf packs are very gentle with their young, old, and injured. They just know somehow.

    As for chickens, how that species and doves have survived, i do not understand. Dumb blonds of the bird world.

    Llama breath! Ugh!

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the outcome of your appointment.
    It must have felt great to get out and see everybody...even the chickens!
    Tucker's favorite toys are vinyl squeaky toys. I'll have to get him a hedgehog ball!
    I am in awe of your sock. I bought yarn too make socks a loonnnggg time ago - it's still in the original bag from the store. Maybe some day!


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