Monday, January 23, 2012

Is it July yet? Must be...

In one of my earlier posts, I said it was going to be July before I fed...  Must be July 1st today!  I was able, with a bit of thought beforehand, get all the animals fed.  I couldn't go out in the field, so I got out the wagon and fed them from the gravel side of the fence, using the wagon to haul things.  The llamas didn't care, but Rudee was checking out the wagon a lot.  I am wondering if our visiting kitty had slept, (or worse) in it.  That's usually why he's interested in things like that.

The chickens, well, they just figure if it's food, they are good.  So, I didn't trip, I wore shoes that didn't leak, (I found out that the garden clogs that I was using have a bit of a hole, so when you walk in the mud, there is a definite squish factor involved with socks...), and I was able to get the animals all fed and checked.  About the only thing that happened was when I tried to exit the chicken house, Annie and Toni decided that I must have grain for them, I was in the chicken house, right?

I showed them my hands.  They sniffed.  They looked at me.  I raised my hands, giving them the "all gone" sign. They looked at me some more.  I finally said, "SHOO! I don't have anything..."  They continued to glance at me, as if I was going to do some fancy magic trick, until I just walked carefully forward, and went out the gate.

And nearly had two llamas in the yard.  They know who gives them the good stuff!

In the weather news, it didn't rain today, (part of the reason I could feed...), but the weather folk are talking another 2 inches of rain soon.  We have done pretty well here, locally, we had one road out with about 2 inches of water, but that has receded, so we are able to get out.  Everyone around is nervous about wind, since we had so much water, so fast.

Eeep.   I know we needed rain, but it was juuuust a smidge on the the generous side!


  1. Ah, I can just feel that cold mud slipping into the clog - yuck!
    I hope you don't get a ton of rain - you are right, too much is... too much!

  2. Hooray for feeding! Hope the rain eases up soon.

  3. Rain rain go away. It has been raining heavy here all day I think my cows will be swimming soon right past the window. There sure is a lot of ice. Keep dry doing those chores. You could get a cold I know:) B

  4. Eeeek. I also know too well what too much water can do. Thankfully we've had very little snow this winter, but almost to the point that some would be nice. Watch out for that mud!


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