Thursday, January 26, 2012

Llama day...

So, I couldn't think of any great topics to blog about.  So, instead is a few snaps of the fuzzy four leggers.

Dolly (right), Lorenzo, (center) and Toni, (left)
Have been waiting impatiently for me to feed them.
At least as impatient as they get, anyway...

Llama.  Guess who found the muddiest spot on the whole place to roll in?

Annie, who insists on tipping over any bucket,
to make ABSOLUTELY sure there isn't one scrap of grain 
she might have missed.  Not ONE!  Looks like she might 
have gotten into some mud, too.

Good thing I love these little monsters!  ; )


  1. They are lovely looking llamas, to this non-llama expert, anyway. Annie's food fetish sounds like it rivals that of some cats i have.

  2. Love your llamas!!!

  3. I so want a llama. You are so not helping! ;)

  4. "Couldn't find anything to blog about?" I am always surprised at how seldom you discuss your farm animals.

  5. Oh how could you not love a face like that:) B


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