Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My sock... And Twits...

Since I forgot to put my photo of my Travelling Fairy sock up yesterday, I put it up today, both up, and folded down.

I will post the other when I finish it, with this one, mostly to show how goofy I am...  Let's just say I like scrap socks...

In other things, I have enjoyed Twitter, though I mostly am reading it, off and on, not twitting tweeting much, just occasionally as I think of something.  But I must say, people are... well... You decide.

I had about 3 or 4 followers, other book writers.  I noticed that all the sudden I was getting LOTS of followers (for me), I think it had gone up to ten or so, in a day.  I just had my account open, who ever wanted to join, could.  Then I actually started looking at the folk joining.  Other book folk?  Ahem. 


Every last one had to do with p*rn.  Specifically websites that were on the header of each.  I was rather rattled, so I checked on the Twitter site for information on how to block them, and quickly changed my status to private...  Well, at least people need approval before becoming a follower.  I also blocked the ones already following me that were doing that.  

Sorta made me want to wash my hands after dealing with it, but hopefully it won't happen again, or at least as easily.  The odd thing?  That's why I made my comments section on this blog "after approval", I was getting responses with websites of the same quality.  

Ew.  Just... Ew...  I can't figure why a blog about me, or my Twitter feed would interest someone like that.

I state again...



  1. Let's hope they stay away, yes?
    I love your sock!

  2. One of those places where you can truly say "its not about me". They have big automated computer programs that troll the net searching for peoples facebook, twitter, and blog accounts where they havent set the settings to private. Unfortunatly for people like my elderly mom, figuring out the settings is beyond her and she got lots of ick until I changed everything. So dont feel bad, you just fell under their radar. Think how much the movie stars must get, they want lots of fans to follow so they are open, probably get hundreds every day and have to employ someone to delete the ick. Good for the economy... :)

  3. Ooo! What a neat sock! My lady doesn't have the patience (yet) for scrap socks! Sorry you had that "ew" experience. Sometimes I get nassty people wanting to comment on my blog too.

  4. Ew is right.

    Love the sock!

  5. oh no. i wonder if you said something that could be misconstrued. i've been on about a year, and like you, rarely tweet, just follow others. but i've never had this problem. :o/


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